• foobar2000 - scrobble status code (ver. 5b)

    26 Feb 2010, 17:50

    Just got around to finishing this little bit of code, which I find very useful. To skip the yap-yap and see the code, scroll to the end of the journal.

    This code will, basically, show if the currently playing track has been scrobbled to or not, and if not, then how many seconds is left until the scrobble. It is not related to the service at all however, so any errors or such will not be notified of. Does not need any other plugins to work, either.

    Not playing = Play to start scrobble
    Track shorter than 30 seconds / internet stream = Unable to scrobble current track
    49% - 51% played = Scrobbling...
    Under 50% played = scrobble in X seconds
    Over 50% played = Scrobbled to

    Works completely without *any* foobar plugins at all, it doesn't even matter if you use foo_audioscrobbler or the official scrobbler.


    Play to start scrobble: scrobble in X seconds:


    Scrobbled to

    Unable to scrobble current track (shorter than 30 seconds):

    Unable to scrobble current track (internet stream):


    $if(%isplaying%,$ifgreater(30,%length_seconds%,'Unable to scrobble current track',
    $ifgreater(%playback_time_seconds%,360,'Scrobbled to',' scrobble in '
    $sub(360,%playback_time_seconds%) 'seconds'),
    $div(%length_seconds%,2),'Scrobbled to',' scrobble in '
    $div(%length_seconds%,2)),-1) 'seconds')))),'Play to start scrobble')

    Put it where you like in foobar -- I recommend the great plugin Columns UI for more panels and options!

    Should you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, bug notifications or such information, feel free to comment on this journal or on my profile - every shout is appreciated! :)

    DJ Fresh
    Escape From Planet Monday
    Ghetto Blaster
    Solar Flares
    At Play Vol. 2
    This Noise
    Throw [Intro]
    Afterbeat Electronica

    25 / February / 2010:
    - Shows if track is scrobbled or not, after either 50% or 75%
    01 / March / 2010:
    - Shows time left until scrobble as a negative number (will be fixed later)
    04 / March / 2010:
    - Scrobble time fixed, now shows up as a positive number followed by text
    14 / March / 2010:
    - If music is not playing, the code advises to start playback
    - Screenshots of different statuses added to description
    22 / March / 2010:
    - Different statuses fixed, a few grammar and punctuation errors among others
    - Screenshots updated to reflect the new look
    03 / April / 2010:
    - If song is longer than 12 min., will show that it's been scrobbled after 6 min.
    - If song is shorter than 30 seconds, shows that it can't be scrobbled
    - Shows internet streams as unscrobble-able
    05 / April / 2010
    - Now shows "Scrobbling..." when the track has been 49% - 51% played.
    - Screenshots added for "Scrobbling..." and "Unable to scrobble track"
  • Favourite song for every letter.

    9 Ene 2009, 22:12

    Well, I was bored...

    I know, À Tout Le Monde... But À isn't in the English alphabet!

    I also tried not to use many songs by the same artist.

    Here goes..

    A] À Tout Le Monde - Megadeth
    B] Blood Brothers - Iron Maiden
    C] Chasm - Norther
    D] Domination - Pantera
    E] Everything is an End - Norther
    F] Frog Machine - Infected Mushroom
    G] Good Morning (Intro) - Kanye West
    H] Hearts Burst Into Fire - Bullet For My Valentine
    I] I Am Dmitri Karamazov And The World Is My Father - Protest the Hero
    J] Just Stop - Disturbed
    K] Knuckleduster - Children Of Bodom
    L] Light Up the Sky - Yellowcard
    M] Master of Puppets - Metallica
    N] Numb Sickened Eyes - Killswitch Engage
    O] Open Arms to Damnation - Born of Osiris
    P] Pale Horse Apocalypse - DevilDriver
    Q] Couldn't find ANYTHING.
    R] Rookie of the Year - Funeral for a Friend
    S] Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC
    T] Tension - Avenged Sevenfold
    U] Until We Fall - Audioslave
    V] Viva La Vida - Coldplay
    W] Winterstorm - Machinae Supremacy
    X] Xpander - Sasha
    Y] You - Breaking Benjamin
    Z] Zero Signal - Fear Factory
    #] 96 Quite Bitter Beings - CKY