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  • jdotperiod

    A lot of heads out here still check for him. He alienated a lot of people tho w/ his antics and money over everything mentality. All three members of the Lox, AZ, Fabolous and Juelz Santana also get tons of fanfare here even tho they're not exactly poppin' in the rest of the country. I feel like I was the only one who wasn't on the G-Unit wave. They were massive at one point. Aside from Game's first album, I was just indifferent. Did you like Dipset too?

    Hace 9 horas Responder
  • CameRON816To415

    All these pop songs on this future album though.. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware he's been taking a more mainstream approach to music for awhile now, but this album is to the max with it. I was hoping this album would have a different sound to it, like features from Maceo, Doe Boy, Rocko, Mexico Rann, Casino etc. kind of sound. Not saying that I wasn't feeling this album, cause I was for the most part, there's a lot to like about the album, just wasn't what I hoped and expected. I guess I kinda fell in love with that mixtape sound lol.

    Ayer 4:39am Responder
  • jdotperiod

    It's funny, I'm looking at a few threads on where the posters debate Lifestylez' legacy and if it compares to Illmatic and Big Pun's debut. Most agree w/ you! LMAO. Those three albums are some of my all-time favorites as is The Main Ingredient. MM and MI definitely changed how I listen to music. No hyperbole. I'd add Only Built 4 Cuban Linx to the list. I've never been that big into Wu Tang but you can't front on that album. I'd add GangStarr's Hard to Earn, Jeru da Damaja's The Sun Rises in the East, Black Moon's Enta da Stage and a bunch more. On a commercial level, I'd give Get Rich or Die Tryin' props even if it was never a favorite of mine. It's funny, 50 still has a strong fanbase here in the Tri-State area. He's a has-been everywhere else. LOL.

    Ayer 3:36am Responder
  • jdotperiod

    It is. I'm always spooked whenever I hear of someone dying in their 20s. Oh, Lifestylez isn't quite on par with the likes of The Infamous or Illmatic but IMO, it's only about a couple notches below. Both of those releases are near-perfect, Lifestylez isn't. Out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite NYC albums?

    Ayer 3:08am Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Absolutely. His punchlines were sick. It's crazy, he, 'Pac, and B.I.G. were all Geminis who died at the age of 24-25. Ill coincidence? I listened to Lifestylez again at the gym earlier. It's just slightly below Illmatic-Ready To Die-The Infamous. Fed Up with the BS is also my joint. I like the more accessible tracks like Fed Up, Street Struck, MVP and Put It On. It's funny, the lyrics on Fed Up are still very much relevant damn near two decades later. The lyrics on Steet Struck is eerie considering his demise.

    17 Abr 18:10 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Exactly! We all want someone who looks good but for the sole purpose of flaunting her as some type of prize? GTFOH. I've known of Big L and remember some of Lifestylez' singles (as they got lots of play here in the Tri-State area back in the day) but never listened to it in its entirety until tonight. It's definitely classic NYC '90s boom-bap. Very ill lyricist. Yet, I can see why someone like Nas or even Jay (who appears on the album) went on to become a bigger name in the mainstream than him. L was very grimey. Not much pop appeal IMO.

    17 Abr 3:08 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I don't mean to sound like some type of male feminist--LOL--but it just something that I picked up on. Exactly, he's so transparent. Ciara seems happy to be baby mama #4 (or #5?). More power to them tho. You ever get into Big L? I just listened to his lone album. It's not too far from Illmatic IMO.

    17 Abr 2:48 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    It is one of the weaker tracks. The idea of saluting a s.o. b/c she's your "trophy" just screams of objectification. The idea of a man needing a "trophy" on his arm seems very insecure and kinda misogynist IMO. And of course, that tom's verse grated my nerves. I'm surprised Ciara doesn't appear on the album. Perhaps, the label was afraid she'd increase the risk of it flopping since everything she's touched of late seems to turn to wood. I'm a Santi fan and didn't even recognize her voice even tho the tune sounded familiar.

    17 Abr 1:59 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I halfway expected her to get up and started twearkin'! It definitely should be filed as such. It's almost surreal. ITA about Pharrell and Dream. Both have a way w/ a melody too. I always say that you don't necessarily have to know how to sing or compose to at least know good music. What do you think about I Won? Something about that song rubs me the wrong way. I downloaded a deluxe rip that was ripped from the iTunes edition but for some odd reason, some tracks are mislabeled and 160k. Thanks man! I couldn't place the sample on Look Ahead for the life of me! Santigold! Yes. Sounds like he used Disparate Youth.

    17 Abr 1:11 Responder
  • CameRON816To415

    Really? Damnn i'm slippin, you got the link?

    17 Abr 0:44 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    He did! He seemed honored almost. The older woman sitting down to his right was getting into it too! LOL. Very true about Future. I'd add The-Dream and Pharrell to the list of artists who can't sing or rap for shit but make good music. They all know how to make music that sounds good even if it's not always good. Does that make sense? Did your rip of Honest have a few mislabeled songs too?

    16 Abr 23:12 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Really? I just viewed Chris' performance at the LA State Legislature. What. the. f*ck. was. that? Please tell me it was an April Fools joke! LMAO. Apparently, he still raps. Babylon is also one of my fave tracks of the year. Honestly, it was the track that made me open up to SZA's music again since I was bored by her previous tapes. Does Honest sound better on second listen? I found it to be quite weak first time around but I'll admit that I was only half-way listening to it.

    16 Abr 20:04 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Karlie doesn't seem to mind younger dudes so maybe she should try to woo Scooter or Quan next! LOL. Aye Bay Bay was my shit too. I also liked Halle Berry. The snap era also provides me w/ memories. Brings me back to high school. It is insane to think that it's almost a decade old. Time truly does fly. What do you think about SZA's debut? It's currently one of my favorites of the year.

    16 Abr 3:41 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Same here! I was multi-tasking while listening myself. I also like to play an album while driving. It's the best way to listen objectively IMO b/c the music isn't the focus. Joc was probably afflicted w/ the Bad Boy curse. LOL. Exactly, he's not on L&HH ATL b/c he's so in love w/ Karlie. Speaking of Karlie, she's intent on screwing every has-been rapper in the A, isn't she? LMAO. It's so funny how all the popular snap rappers from '06-'07 are all but a memory now. Remember Hurricane Chris?

    16 Abr 1:55 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I'm not feeling Honest after first listen but I'll try again. How 'bout you? Joc is independent now, right? It's Goin' Down and I Know You See It used to be my jams.

    16 Abr 1:39 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Check your inbox. For all the delays, this shit better be good. LOL. Jos seems threatened by other women. Tami seems like a bird like the rest. TBH I see so many broke, dusty, no-good dudes like Scrappy IRL who have women fighting over them. I just don't get it! Erica was dating some up-and-coming male model, last I heard. Mimi & Niko's sex tape looks professionally done so I'm going to assume that they were paid very good money to "perform" on camera. Is Yung Joc still poppin' in ATL?

    16 Abr 0:52 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I meant to add that Future's album just leaked. I'll check it out later. Let me know if you need the link.

    15 Abr 19:20 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Dom's music is perfect for those blissfully sunny summer days. You're right tho, he don't talk about shit! But, then again, the production is what carries his music IMO. Joseline's eyes look different. She also looks younger for some reason. LMAO! You took the words out of my mouth about the rift between Jos and Tami! You'd think there'd be some Afro-Latina bond but nah. Scrappy didn't deserve a woman like Erica in the first place. I'm just surprised that these birds continue to lay up w/ him. Much less fight over him. They def had to fill the void of the storm that was K Michelle. LOL. She has her own reality show coming on VH1 that'll premiere in the fall. I thought the same thing about Mimi's sex tape. The trailer for the porno was released hours before the L&HH trailer so it's no coincidence at all. Fame-whoredom at it's lowest. The sad part is that both of her daughter's parents have sex tapes that are available for the public to see. SMH.

    15 Abr 19:06 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    AR has a nice feel. His ab-libs irritated the shit out of me on first listen but I soon found them to be kinda jazzy. LMAO, Dom isn't much of a rapper but his production more than compensates. His music just has a nice little summer vibe to me. You know I saw that trailer! Man, I don't even have the words. Each season seems to out-ratchet the last! Is it me or does Jos look different? And you mean to tell me that there are women who still want Scrappy's dusty ass? How low can Kirk go? I forgot that Waka's mom appeared on the show first. It makes sense that he's part of the cast now. I saw a trailer of Mimi's "sex tape". It's a professionally done porn film. There's nothing amateur about it. SMH.

    15 Abr 11:30 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Acid Rap was one of the few rap releases of last year that I liked. I even grew to dig his moderation. LOL. I like the raw West Coast gangsta feel of YG's album. It's very of-the-moment but has a '90s feel too. DJ Mustard definitely did his thing. You ever get into Dom Kennedy? He's been another favorite of late. I've been on a West Coast kick lately, it seems.

    15 Abr 1:36 Responder
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