• The Harvest Coffee House

    28 Oct 2006, 18:58

    Last night was amazing. It was my first time being able to play a show on a "real piano" and I felt so in my element. Now I'm gonna have to get famous so someone carts around a grand for me everywhere I go. Adam McAlpine did amazing accompaning me on some things as well as the solo acts he performed. Of course, Rachel was wonderful on the "drum" (a.k.a. cupcake box and spoons).
    The thing that really makes it for me is when I look out at the crowd and find that the people who were staring at me five minutes before are still intent upon what I'm playing. It's nice to know that some people actually appreciate what is coming out of my brain and down onto the keys. Fans, I guess that is what you would call them...I'd rather think of them as cohorts :)
    We're all in this together, and if you help me while I'm helping you inside...Well, there we go. We've just had a good trade off now, haven't we?
    xoxoTemporary LimbsIt's you that I can't do without