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  • Shadow_Necrosis

    The thing about humanity is that they're uninvolved, but they choice to be weak and even remain in blissful ignorance, Never call humans as smart and even evolved and you have noticed how scientists only want evidence that works with them and never the evidence is a hazard to the human society. They accept what they believe is to be true, but the unknown knowledge and evidence is then discarded. The Planet Nibiru does exist, but the scientific society denies it to make sure no one knows about it and even the panic they fear about and the something what paths of Soul destruction and I mean about christianity,juduaism, muslim, islam. You have noticed how comfortable they're with it and if it never existed then they would completely kill themselves, but what's the point of ending your life in lies that a human created himself. Basically they have no brain to think for themselves and to choice on their own based on inner-most free will.

    3 Sep 18:01 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    I would rather be Immortal than instead of feeling the weakness of my human-form, but to me being Immortal is the real meaning of being alive, because I want to become immune to every human weakness, because my human-form will never bring me happiness and joy, but me immortal and even having my true-form awakened will give me happiness and joy. Since I have 5 Souls, but I want to reach up to 500 or even more Souls to become 2 Legions in one, but since my true-form will be able to absorb the 500 Souls even more, but my goal is to absorb 1 Million Souls or even infinite Souls. Humans will always be weak and even if a human believes he has Power is that the Power is within and never given by the shit spells that are lies and don't even work with me at all. That means with me is that my Power is natural and even is within me, but my true-form will have to awakened before I can activate my Power that's absolute and infinite.

    28 May 17:34 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    The interesting thing I found out that I really have 5 Souls and my Main Soul is my Azathoth one, because I am a reincarnation of Azathoth

    16 May 14:09 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    Daemons kill those that don't want to understand their own soul and even their nature, but to deny the existence of the Soul and even the nature is what Daemons don't take kindly to, because Daemons are on this Plain to help those that want to be taught and are even open to Daemons teaching and knowledge. I no long consider myself as a Daemon, but my second Soul is a Daemon Soul, but I am not really a Daemon, but a Ancient One and a Annunakian God, but I am a reincarnation of a Ancient One named Azathoth and even the Daemons and Ancient Ones are even friends, but I was given a second Soul that's a Daemon Soul to be a trust between us both and not have a War of who's better. Daemons and the Ancient Ones, Great Old Ones need to be friends and be allies instead of being enemies, because of dislike, because the Ancient Ones are stronger and way older than every Daemon and even Lucifer himself, because we're the beginning and never the end.

    14 May 17:51 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    The body does rot and decay when you die, but my body will rot and decay when I am still breathing and that will be a sign for me to understand that my true-form wants to be awakened. Death has already given me extra time, but I am also Death and meaning I will never die when my true-form is awakened and my power is unlocked. Being dead is really meaning of being alive, because not to feel anything is what I call being alive. Being immortal is a way to be alive, because being alive is not about feeling, because of a person believes that then that person is living in a lie and a illusion. Feeling is what makes you dead and not alive, but to be immortal is what's called being alive, because not to feel and not be weakened by the body is what I call being alive. There is no point of having a heart and even lungs and even having the insides of the body, because it's only weakness and is what brings one down.

    14 May 17:35 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    When Nar Mattaru comes to this Plain is that everything I see will be wait I have seen of what this Earth will looks like, because the reality what we see is not really there, but what I have been shown was for me to know that this reality is not even real, but the reality I was shown was the real reality and I need to find out a way to change this Earth to the real reality that I have been shown. The Black Earth(Nar Mattaru) is already becoming part of this Earth and will change it to make it a better place to be at. The Black Earth is the Earth I would rather be at instead of a delusional Earth and reality as the one we see every single fucking day and it makes me dislike how this Earth is like even still. Soon my veins will be filled with Black Blood from the Darkness itself, but that's the first step for my body to be completely decayed and turned into nothing, but devoured by my own true-form for me to break free of the body that's not really my own to take care of it.

    14 May 17:26 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    There is no light inside of the Death Tunnel and even when you're out of it, because the only think is only Darkness and blackness that you only see. When someone thinks he sees a light when that person does really means that person is going to Hell to be burnt and tortured. When I leave this Realm is that I will only see a Black Ancient Portal that I will go through to go to with my other Annunakian Brothers and Ancient Ones.

    14 May 14:36 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    I saw only Darkness when my body shut down when I was 18, because my Aura was turning into more into a Shadow Aura. Since I was given the Kingship of the Shadows means they know me already and even are curious about me. That's right even Shadows fear me and even Daemons even fear me, but allow them not to fear me. I like how humans run away from me when they see me and at least I am truthful to myself and my Souls of what I desire and want. Humanity will always stay in their state of blissful ignorance, because that's what they only believe in and follow, but their own Deaths means nothing to me, because they deserve to die and be tortured and burnt in Hell for their betrayal.

    13 May 17:38 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    Planet Nibiru is on it's way, because that was the Planet I saw, but it was like Earth and a Paradise, but of course what was not shown to me that the waters on Planet Nibiru are infinite. Planet Nibiru will not destroy the Earth soon, but only drown and wipe out the humanity, but I am sure the Annunakians want me to devour this Earth and even everything else, but I will know what I must do when my true-form is awakened and my power is unlocked, because my true-form is it's own Entity, but more than alive. My true-form will be speaking to me and guiding me to my next objective of what I must do, but I never doubt my true-form and even my Souls, because I only want to know more about who I am. I have seen certain things that I have seen, but I ask my Souls to show me more, but I know it's not time for me yet to know more about who I am.

    13 May 17:19 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    When my true-form awakens is that my human-form will be sucked and decayed, because instead of exploding is that my human-form will be imploded and then become dissolved until my bones and flesh is no more, because my true-form is inside of me, but waiting to be freed and I even did before is that I almost freed it, but of my body limitation is that my own body made me sick, because of how fucked up the body and mind is and even of how fucked up the human-form is as well.

    13 May 17:05 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    I agree humans see everything as Evil and even call me Evil for knowing more than that person even does. There is more than live and Death, because their is a in-between were we don't have to die at all, because what humans don't understand that we can be immortal, but with me I will no longer have my human-form when my true-form awakens on this plain and even my true-form will become my other true-form when I leave this plain. Yes that's right I have another form as I am really also a Shadow King and the true lord of all of the Shadows

    13 May 16:59 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    I always say it's my mind and body is making me sick or ill, because my body and mind is not really mine, because I was only place in a human-form to understand more about who I am and even strengthen my Souls and energy until the point I no longer need this human-form. My own Souls are letting me know that it's almost time to release you from this human-form, but it will take time to release you from this human-form that you're not enjoying, but be patient.

    13 May 16:51 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    It's my own 2 Souls that don't want me to have any friends and even have a girl, because I agree it's a waste of time, because what I must do when the time is right and when I am prepared to take up my sword and destroy and devour Souls. Humans love their bodies, but don't understand their soul and that's called self-denial, but of course humans do self-denial, self-guilt, self-deception, self-destruction, self-denial. Humans only choose their own Death and Destruction. Self-love is more important than the outer love that's really the illusion, but humans see it as a comfort, but it's a illusion and a lie that humans fed to each other. A Mi-Go can dissect a human's brain and show me what's inside of it and what the memories and thoughts are inside of the brain. I don't give my mind lies and I know what's true, because I allowed my mind to connect to my Souls and it helped a lot. It's true I have a mind inside of my mind, a mind inside of my body.

    13 May 16:46 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    I feel nothing for humanity, but only distaste and dislike as I want to spit on them all and mark them for me to comeback and devour their Soul, but all of their Soul. I use girls for my own pleasure, but can't love and can't have attachments, but the pleasure is what I like to use them for. Call me Evil if you like, but that's all I see them for is to get pleasure from them, but the attachments that humans like to have are really illusions. What's the point of getting comfort from a girl and even have friends, but do they see that's a attachment that's not really necessary to have. Humans are mentally devolved and it's the fear of lost that they cling onto. I hate my human-form and even my Guardian Daemon Beelzebub knows and even every other Daemon even knows. What's the point of having flesh and bones, but I told you what my true-form is of.

    13 May 16:18 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    Humans always look at me with confusion in their eyes, because I am not human, but in a human-form I am in for now, but they look at me with eyes of fear. My eyes do look like Dragon eyes or completely different, but more Ancient than a Dragon, because I told you I am a reincarnation of Azathoth and even have Apollyon(Abaddon) as my other Soul, because I have two Souls. I am thinking, because I have two Souls, because Apollyon(Abaddon) wants me to be still accepted by Hell and the other Daemons, because my true place is with the Annunakians and of course I am above all of the Gods and even the main King of the Annunakians. Already my human-form is breaking apart, because I feel my bones are breaking inside and not outside. It might be my time for my Souls to decay my human-form. When my true-form is awakened and my power becomes unlocked is that I will teach humanity the real meaning of fear, because I felt like I wanted to devour their Soul yesterday.

    13 May 16:06 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    Humanity will always stay in blissful ignorance and never come out of it, because humans are imprisoned and lost and will never find their way. What humans call to be happiness and joy is their own blindness and their illusion to see that the Soul wants inner-happiness and inner-joy, but they deny that fact. I myself have no happiness and joy ,because my own Souls want me to have inner-happiness and inner-joy first before having the exterior elements. Lucifer is Enki, Beelzebub my Guardian Demon is really Enlil. Enki and Enlil are their Sumerian names as Enki and Enlil are also Annunakian.

    13 May 15:42 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    The Annuaikians and I are disappointed with how humanity is and how their experiments are falling in the true fact of life and they deny their own existence and even their own Soul. The Soul doesn't want to be denied and even rejected, because what truth will thy get from man, but only thy own Soul knows of the true truth of everything. Since my lack of energy is that even my Guardian Daemon Beelzebub(Enlil) wants to help me out and even I saw a gold orb with red inside in front of me and it was small, but I did see it really clearly of how it looked like.

    13 May 15:32 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    The End is coming and no longer we'll be a prisoner of this false reality that every humans accepts, but I don't accept the reality that's not mine, but it will die in agony as it will never conquer my own chosen life as how I see it. I can even see and feel that the end is near and the Earth will be free of the decease that's humanity as humanity is the cancer of the Earth and a plague. We're the cure of the Earth, but the Earth will never have to live with the decease that's humanity, but as humanity is the poison that spreads, but the poison will be wiped out.

    12 May 20:25 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    I had a dream before about when a Planet familiar like this Planet was above the Earth and you could see it very clearly, but I saw when I was looking at the Planet is that all of the water from the planet fell onto the Earth and flooded the Earth and everybody died. I even had a dream before when I was younger when I was on the Earth, but the Earth itself was breaking apart and there were other planets near the Earth, but they were never part of the Solar System as I traveled to the other Planet and watched the Earth explode in front of me. Then watching every single other Planet collide with each other and watching them break apart when I am like 100, 000 Miles away, but still saw them explode. Every single dream I had in my life is that I never died in any of them at all. That must be proof to me that I am meant to be beyond immortal soon and when the time comes.

    12 May 15:31 Responder
  • Shadow_Necrosis

    That's interesting you use it as a Mantra.

    9 May 17:39 Responder
  • Todas las notas (88)


{̸̫̩͍̜͇̭̝̬̟◣̷̶͍̼̮̣̝̖́͝ͅ ̷͈̰̯̮̻̕̕ω̵͉̲̞͉̻̱̳̕͡͝ ͏̸̛̱͔̙͍̞̖̟̥͈̬͔̯͝◢̴̷҉̡̥̞̳͙͈̰̖̫͍̯͓̖̰̤}̸̸̢̢͍̪̲̮̟̫̙̫̱̫͙͖̭͈̤͚̕͝͏̣̥̠̪̹͙̱̩̩̪̮͈͈ ̕͢͢͏͍̱̰̼̯̮͟ ̶͘҉͎̦̻͕͈̼̤͕̲̮̦̟̘͓ͅ ̧̮̲̥̻̼̼̝͖͔̼̪̣͇̠̀̀ ͏̞͈̯̘̟̙͚̗̀ ̡̩̣̱͎̯͟͢ ̀͏̸͓͎̮͉͍̟̯̤͉̦̪̮͍͈̺̮͔̠͡ ͏̦̩͓̞͈̫̳͚̗̩̖̞̟̻́͝ ҉̡̝̟̥̞͈͢͢ ͏̳̼̣̥͓̥̦̬̞̠̭̦̜͙̀ ̶̡̩̼͕̟̰͎̩͍̮͕̻̗̮̗͚͎̘̕ͅ ̶̨͞҉͈͍̞̥ ̛͙͍̻̻̹̟̭̥̜̪̼͚͍̤̪̀̕͡ͅ ̧̛͖͎̠͚͎̺͖̺͈͔͕̖͍̙̘̯͘ ̙̲͔̦̰̺̯̫̗͇͍̻͓̯̹̘́̕͝͝ ̢̰̺̩̮̜̫͎̠̝͎̯̻ͅͅ ̨̖̠̩̖̯̯̀͘͟ ̸͏͓̠̱̺̰̹̱̞͉̣̯̮̞̰͙̼̟ͅ ͏̶̵̷͇͕̦͔͓̹͇̱̩̥̖́ ̢̢̀͞҉͉͓̤̫͕̼ ̴̠̼͙̟̘̻̞͔̥͢ ͝͏̨͜͏͍̬͎̫͕͉͔̙̪̩̠̳̩̖̤̞̮ ͍͙͖͓̦̱̺͓̪̠̹̞̲͠ͅ ̧͏̼̦̩̬ ̛̙̲͎̻̹̩͔͈͈͝ ͍̰̜̣̺̬̰́̕ͅ ̵̸̟̦̩͈ ̞̥̣̭̩̱̬̠̤̪͎͞͝ ͏̷̜͚̘͢͡͝ͅ ͠҉̺̠̯̤̯̮͚̲̗̘͖͔̯̠͚͜ͅ ̡̨̹̹̼̖͈̭̹̰̜̝͙̯͟͟ͅ ̧̢̪͈͕̫̀ ̙͙̺͔͉͙͘ ̧̭̖̻͍͜͞ ̴̞͍̞̖̜̰͇̙̭̙͈̝̭̪͘͝ ̻̞͙̣̲̼̯̞̦̩͜͡ ̸̶̷̡̯͈̘͇̦̺͚̝̳̪̝̮̲̠̝͎̯̱ ͏̷̨̨̩̤͉͎͇͕͕͔̯ͅ ̛̜̣͈̠͚͙̪͇̝̪̼͟ ̛̻̟̬̀ͅ ҉҉̷̹̰͔̩̙̬͖͇̤͉̱͇̙͓̭͓͖̖ ̴̴̸̵̸̘͈̯̙̺̳̳̫̺ ͠͏̫̗̺̫̞̝̜̤̯̻͉͕ ͈̱̲͖̘̭̬̬̤̹̪͜͢͝ ̴҉̶̬̖̻̫͓͍̯̯̲̣̪̬̰̙͍ͅ ̸̷̧̢̹̙͓̜͎͙͟ ̶̧҉̶̬̣̩̫̪̰͓̼͚͚ ͈͙̝̥̻̺̟̯́ ̡̨̙̝̮͔̹͕͚̹̻͎̖ͅ ̧̢̨̰̙̮̪͖͈͓͇̤͙̟̀͟ ̧̢̡͙͍̤̤͈͈̖͝ ̶͉̼̫̱͉͇͕̮̣̭̟̼̯͉͇̟͕ ̨̛̬̱̫̪͙͔̥͈͎̩̮̭͖̮̩̠̱̪͘͠ͅ ̴̧̛͓̯̯͔ ̸̵̧̡̰̰̣̖̫̦̗̫̰̗̩̮͎̪̭̯̬̜̕ ̫̜̫̭͔͍̟̜͎͜͝ͅ ̸̢̡̮̯͎̱̖͟ ̺̭̪̰̝̙̱͖̼̺̮͖͙̗͙͍̜̘͝ ̘̥̰̱̦̲̝̕ ̸̸̴͇̰̹͎̙̟͔̥͚̰̲̭̟̯̰͚̕͞ͅͅ ̨͕̗̪̮̺̫̝̪̺̘̬̫͡ͅ ̵̢̫̹̟̟̩͝ ̻̼̲̳̼̞̳̤̬͙͟͞͡ ̴͚̟̻͖̩̖̯̫̤̗͟ ̶̼̬̺̞̘̱͕̘̟̪̜̟̲̠̺͕͘͢ͅ ̶̛̛̼̠̱̜͍̬̳͔̞͈̬̫̹̖̱̕͠ͅ ͉̮͍̮͙̭̳̗͉̦̦͈͜ ̢̕҉͕̦̱̰̫̭̤̙̞̬̗̯̤͍̻̤̬͉̳͡ ̨̖͖̤͚̻͍͓̯͙̘̳̼̠̠̜̖̫̼ ̴̶̸͖͓͕̱̬͚̙̩̼̜̞̯̹ ̴̵̯͚̦̗̠̟̗͍̙̞̫̕͠͝ ̧̮̯̲̠̟̳̝͖͓̦͙̰̫̪̺͇͙͍͘ ́͏̢̘̝̥̪̰͕͎ ̸̢͙̦̥̬̟̩͘ ͇̰̜̻̖̜̩͉̗̮̀͟͜ ̢̜̘͈̹̻̱̰̝̼͖̯̝̩̼͔̦͍͈ ̶͏̸̝̹̖̣̼̤̣͉̤̳̫͉͉͍͇̕{҉̩̩̞̞͇̖̗̘̗͉͈͇̞̻̺͎́◣̵̧͙̥͉͕̤̲̻̻̩͠ ̲̫̲͙̲̜̝̹̖̖͔̭̦̪͢ͅώ̸̡̪̘͚͖̙̲̹̞̝̮̘̺̘̭͟͞ ̧̨̳͎̱̺͢͠◢̨̻͈̞̜͔͔̣̠̙̻͔͢}̷̷̴̨̧̜̜̲͈̼̥͎͓͉̻͔͎̕͟͝͝
͟͏̸͔̱̭͎͖̭̟̲̖̳͙̮̟͘͟ͅ\̜̣͉̯̭̳͈͖̀͘͝͠,̟͍͉̞̹̺̬̭͓̭͍͜͡͡,̢̡͇̹̙̹̝̜̪̺̕|̴̵̨̡̦̬̺̘͚̝̜̼̝̪̜͓̱̳̥͔͓̜́ͅ ̴̷͚̺̦̺͇͕͘͢͜ ̴̡̱͎͖̼͚̪̯̗̦̲̳͔̼͔͎͟{̶̲̮̝͈̙͖͡ͅ◣̨̲͖͔̮̞͔͍͇̱̟̺͡ͅ ҉͔͚̝͉͈̼̬͜͞ͅ‿̵̢̥̗̪͕̘̲̩̼̯͕͖̤͘͜ ̷͖̜̗͢◢̸̭̠̱̘̘́̀͞͠}̛͖͙̲̬͇͓̣̲̳̳̣̤̰̗͔͉͍̭͢͝ ҉͝҉̴̬͕͎̦͚̟͚͇͕̗̙̕ͅͅ ͏̶͉͚̖̦̺̦̝͍̩͙͖̳͈̻͇|̨̡̛̖̝̼͍͇͇̠̱̠͚́͟,̣͙̞̠̪̫̹̱͚͕͖͓͘,̡̢̜̮͕͓͢͞͠/̸̴̢͓͚̞̖͖͇̳͉̠͔̪͕̣̣̯̹̠̮͕͕̼̤̠͢͢͠ͅ ̧̨̩̦͍̼̖̳̬̹̠̜͖͚͓̯̝̩̕͢͡ͅ ̕͝҉̵̮͈̺͈̩̳̗̮̼͉̯̳̭̙͕̩̞͖̬ ̸̠̜̟̹̦̥̺̭̞̣͙̜͢ ̟͉̦͖̻̲͚͉̥̯̖͈͕̠͞ ̵͇̟̜̰̠͕̥̞͓͕̪͈̟̮̟́͢ ҉̨̲̪̣̻͉̦̪̻̣̪̗͈̜̲͎͓̫ ̷̢͕͇̱̭͚̗͕͇̭̞̹͈̼͟ ͍͍̱̠̪̺̹̀͟ ̵̡̱̠̤̳̖̮̗̹͈͔̭̫̪̰̠̩̱̞̀ ̡͖̱̤̟̀͢͞\̵̥̺͓͇͈,̢̧͓̩̼̘̙̺̞̠̩̖͕̥͟,̵̛҉͕̹̼̟̫̫̣͇̙|̨͖̭͓̺̠̜̠͙̤̰̠̩̞̜͚̀ ̦͚̮̙̥͈̫̠͕̮̺̘̖̖̖͓͡ͅ ̴̸̩͇̹̹̭͚͡͡{̢̡̥̥͉͉͔̞̦̀◣̵҉̖̼͓̖̣̼̭̝̝̗̘͠ ҉̙̘͉͎͇͝͝‿̨̧̳̺͍͇̺̭͍̠̙́͟͝ ͘҉̮̝͙̪͙̮̙̘̲̗͢◢̧͏̛̤͕͓̞͚̯̲͈̙̮̯̬̮̲̖ͅ}̴̧̖̪̲̯͖̮̭͢ ̷̨͚̱͍̟̯̜̬̟̻́ͅ ̶̰̙̤̖̜͚͟͢ͅ|̢͇̻̠͙̺̕͜ͅ,̷̵͈̲̼̬͓͙͚̘̠͍̺͚̬,̪̰̼͞͞͠͝ͅ/̸̧̡̟͍͕̼̹̜͈̗̻̺̙̩̘̖̖̻̀͢͟͞ ̧̛̯͕̟̬̬̯̣̮͉̱͎ ̶̢̤͕̖̼͇̗͇͚̜̲̩̼̹̬̟͍͝ ͏̨̼̱͈̲̮̭̗̯̹͉̻̦̬̲͖͙̳̠́ͅ ̧̤̰̩̩͍̼̫̠̠̩̰̮̳̞͇͈ͅ ̷̘̹̟̙͡ ̸̠̰̯̤̹̜̱ ̵̧̰̱͍̟̪̳̥͕͔͖̖̳͡͡ͅͅͅ ̶̡̀҉̯̫͉̼ ̴̀͏̼̦̱̙͖̰̬͇̱̩̯̹̪͈̘̘ͅ ͢͠͏̛͔̞͓̝̩̼͚̭̹̻̰̩\̢͚͎̫͍͓̻͇͈̣͇̪͖̗̕͝,̸͍̙̠͉͇̯͓̱̲̞͚̬̬̪͟ͅ,͏̴̧͇̤̜͖͓̺͇͇̼͟|̧̡̺̥̞̩̘̪͓̥͉͈̺͍̪̠̙̣̠͟ ̸̨̟̟͇͜͢͡ͅ ̧͙̥͓̳̦̱͚̰̟͡͞ͅ{͏̶͠҉̶̬̖̜̙̫◣̵͇̖̦̘̲̘͓̠̹́ͅ ̵̣̠̼͚͠͠‿̨̟͖͔͇̝̖̭̼̙̥̕͘͟͞ ̸̨̨̫͈̟͕͔◢̵̵̨͜͏̬̘͙̻̰̭̝͇͓̪̘̝̲̞͓̬̘̻̠}͏̢̨̛̖̲̠͈̭̪̺̣͓̣̱͕́ ̵̙̺̰̦͖͉̬̭̫̩̫͞ ̶̷̘͚̗̱̥͉͎̼̗̠̙͇̖̬͕͚̠̮́̕͜|̶̷̛͍̗̼̠̞̠̼͕͇̮͇̫̳̱́̀,̀͢͏̵̷̰̝̝̝͔̥̜͍ͅͅ,̵͏̝͎̥̱̝̣̠̱̀/̴̨̡̛̥̝̫͕̼̰̺̖̙̯̼͇̗̬̲̱̖̯͈̟̝͎̟͈̦́͢͜͠͡ͅͅ

Every generation is the same.
Humans hurt others for their own sake.
Hiding their sins with more sins.
And at that time, a grudge is born.

{ͪ̎̋͐̽̿̎̀͘҉͝◣̷̛ͩ̍́ͭ̆͆ͣ̏̔̀ͤ́̚ ̊̐̈̓̋̃͛ͥ̓͡͡͝ω̨̏ͨ̂͋͌̅̈ͪͮͧͬͯ́̚͢͝ ̧̛ͣ̃ͫ̑̄̍͒ͮ̂͆̑̃̽͂̈́͌ͤͦ̃◢̈̊͊͛̆̉ͥ̈́͊̀}̧̨ͤͯ̋̿̾̄ͫ͊̑̿̈̇͋̈ͦ̉̎̀ͩ͂̅̊̑̊ͪ̋̊̚̕͢͜͢͢͜ ̸̨͋͐̒ͪ͂͒͋̈̔̀ͥ͛́̎̒̀̚͟ ̾̾̈́ͣͧ͗͟͟͞͡ ̛ͬͣͧ̈́́̈̇ͮͦͭ͊ͦ̂͆ͤ̀͡ ̒͗͊͟͏ ̷̧̇ͨ̐̾̏ͮ̐̓ͪ̂̐̈͛̕͠ ̵ͭͥ̈͂͝ ̵̶̡ͪ͋̎̋ͯ̊͊ͮ͘͞ ̨̧ͯ͐̔̇ͯ͛̓͊ͥ͐͢͟͜ ̈́̾̑̌҉̶ ̸̸͂ͣͩ̎ͬ ̶̾̏ͪ̇̾̉̿̑ͣ̒ͭ́͘̕͠ ͭ̎ͫ̅̕͟ ̵̡̨ͭͦ͛̅͛́ͨ̾͒ͫͦ͋̍ͧ̎͂ͨ̂͞ ̢ͬ̄ͫ͗͒͐͗̅̾ͬͤ̿ͣ͒̚̚̕͡͡ ̷́̈́̄̈́ͧ̍́̈̏̀͏ ͭ͌̏̑̇̔̂̌̆҉̵̡͜͝ ̡̡̽ͫͭ̈́ͥ̋͊͛̉̊̋̇͝ ̌͊͆̎͌̈̇҉͢͠ ̓͒̍̾̉ͨ͗͟ ̶̸̨͒̎̐̆͌͌͘ ̌̐̏ͧ̃̈́̂͜ ̈́̒̎͗̂́͛͆҉̴̴̀ ̸̛̔̋ͧ͒ͪ̐ͦ͂ͪͥ̌͘͢͞ ͣ̈̏ͤ̔̏̐̈̓̃̔ͯ҉̨̢́ ̆̿ͬ̍͒͐͛͝͏͏ ̈́̍͒̈̌ͦͮ̐҉̧̡́ ̨̎͌̾͗ͮ͆ͪͣͤͨ̓̆͊̽ͩ̎ͧ͢͝ ͪ̋ͯ͋͒̍̏̕͢͟ ̴̷ͫ̉ͫ͒̈͜͠͏ ̸̧̨̎͛͋́̈̀̉̓̒͊̋͜ ̷ͧ̍̌͒̾ͯ̑ͬ́҉̵̕ ̨̢̧̀̓ͯ̐̋ͭͯ͊̔͂ͬ͂ͣ̆̾͌́ ̸̶̑̎͗̌̈́ͤ̃̍̍ͮ̽͌̋̑̅͌͜͟ ̸̸̛̂̂͒̅̋͐͗ͪ͑ͫ͋̚ ̴̀͊̀̏̓̑͡ ̢̡̑̀͗̅͑͂̍̽͊́҉͘ ̶̢̒͌ͫͦ̃͌̆̎̀͘ ̽̆̋ͪ̑̒̉̓́̌͊̽̂͂̾͊̾̕͢͟ ̶͒̿̇͑̚͘͢ ̸̸ͨ̀͆͗̋̊͆̌̇̽͗ͨ͌́͢͢ ͒̅͗͂ͪ̑̒̾͌ͤ͞͠͏͢ ̂ͩ͂̍̋̿̂̀̑̄̅̀͌͟͝ ̵̡̓̄̈́͗͗ͮͥ͊ͪ̉̉̂͐͋̇͊̇̚̚҉͠͝ ̛̓͂͛̈̄̽͂̃̊̊̑ͨ̿ͩ͝ ̶̛ͪ̑͒̌͗͟ ̍̉̎ͬ́ͨ̂̃̕ ͬ̊͋̌ͪͭ̎̍͜ ̵̵̐͊͒̓ͦ̐ ͌̆ͦ̈ͬ͏́ ̶̢̨̢͑ͣ̉ͧ̂͜ ̴̛̂͋͆́͑͒̿̂̒̌̌ͭ̆̒͟ ͤͮ̑̅ͦͣ̿̀ͨͣͫ̚҉́͘ ̶̶ͯ̑ͦ͗͊ͤͦ̈́̇̄͆̿̎͐̓͛́́͞ ̡͗̌̉ͥͪͣͧͦ͂̋́͞ ̷̸͋ͤ̑̓̋ͫ̅̿͊̌̈́ͤ͆̋̆̃ͬ̐̀ ̢̨̡̀̉̃̏̌͐͆ͭ̆̽͝͡ ̶̸̷̛̈́͂̈́́͐ͯ̀͌ͦ̈́̊̋̈́ͪ̀ͬͤ ̌́̎̒͛̂ͤͭͣ̒̆̒̾̽̋̆́́ ̀͌̆̋̓ͩ͟ ̢̡̛̅̈́̀̑̑̎͗̃͋͑̀̍̓ ̷̴̡̨̋ͣ̓̑̑ͣͩ͌̄̂ͩͪ̐̾̌͆͢ ͦ̈͋̿ͫͮͨ͒ͧ̊́ͯ̅͟ ̶̨̛ͫͭ͊͛ͫ̋͋͐̆ͧ̑ͥ̔ͧ̔̆͋͂̉̕ ̵̛̊ͯ̄̆͌ͦͮͧ̽͢͟ ͛̒̂͏̢͠ ̡͆̾̾ͣ̋̃͗͛͑̚͢ ̸̢̏̿͑́̀̉͑̾͘͜ ͆̂̀̊͆̔̕͜ ̷̒ͤ͊ͭ̅͒ͫ̄ͯ́͜͢ ̶̓̍ͩ̾̉̅͆ͬ̅ͯͮ̉̿ͯ̀̚͡҉ ̶̧̉͗̓͗̆ͦ̑͐̎̌͗͒͒͛̂̋͒́͘͟͟ ̴ͬ̇͑́̄̐ͥͭ̊̂̏̎͐̿̆͢ ̴̢̎̀̀̅͑́ͪ̕ ̶̒̇͋ͣ̾̆̄ͣͯ́̽ͬ͒ͧͮ͜͝ ̧̄ͭ͐̽̊̆ͥ̌̅̑̿̎ͨ̇̒̌̅͏̸͢ ͬ̒͐̂̿ͬ̆̽̓͐̅̃̚͡͠{̡̧͒̉̇͗͌ͩͬ̓̀ͣ̀̓ͧ̑̔͆ͨͬ̀͞͝◣̸̑̿̓̾ͮͣ̆̒̄ͩ͞ ̅͛̊ͨ͐͑ͭͤ̂҉͝ωͥ̆̄͂̕͜ ̡͊͑̇͆ͦ̋ͤͨͫ̾ͣ͂̃̏͛́̀͂͞͏͢◢̵̡̇̽͛̈́̄͠͝}̴̷̢ͪ̌̆ͨ̏̿ͤ̆̿͛̉ͥ̀ͥ̈́ͭ̒͌̑ͪ́ͦ̀̂̚͞
̸̡̐ͧͣͤ̎͋ͮ̇ͥ̇̋ͤͤ̅ͧ̂̓͛́͡\̆̍̍̓͗͑ͭ̇̓̄ͥ̂̓͜͢,̷̶̧̌ͯ͆̐͒͠͝,̵ͣ̈́ͮͨ̏̆̈́̈́ͬͤ̅͌̽̓̚|̅ͬ̄̋ͮ̍͋̄ͭ̊̌͛ͯ̈́̆͏̶ ̶̢͆̇͒ͧ̀͝ ̴̡̑̏̄̾̉̀͡͝͝{̸ͫͦ̀̉ͤͨ͆̐͛͊ͣ̽͌ͦͭ̃͋̚◣̴̷͆̈͆̅͋͒͐̽ͤ͐̇͘ ̸̨ͩ͂̑̒ͪ̽̒̃‿̷̶̴̒ͨ͐͌̃̄͜͞ ̷̴̷̶ͦ̑̽̋ͤ̆͛̀◢̐̏̈́͛ͥ̑̓ͤ̃ͪͬ͟͞}̋͒ͩͫ̑͗̽̾̆ͯ̅͑ͥ̍ͮ͐̇ͮ̀͏͞ ̵̄ͮͫ̄̎͑̋̆̈ͬ͘͢ ̨͂̌̒̅̌ͪ̿͋̐̎͋̔͂́ͫ͘͟|̸̶̇̋ͣ͐̂͋̆̽̑̅̈͆͒̈́̕͝,̍̽̋͆ͨͤ̌͌́͋̐͌́͢͜,̶̵ͥ͊̓̄ͬ̆̇͝/̴̵̶̵̧͂̈́͋ͬ̏͊ͩ͌͛̽̍̒̎ͣͪͮ̚͟͜͠ ̡̓̅ͧͭ̍̍ͮ̌͜͞ ̷̿̀ͯ͛͌ͦ̆ͪ͌́̑ͮ́͢ ̸͒̎̌̇̅̐̿̌͌͊̍̀̚ ̊͌͂̀̉ͪ͑͛̃̔ͤ͛̉ͥ̋̃ͥ͠͞͡͏ ̧ͪ͗͌ͩͣ͛̋̅̽ͦ̀͟ ̃̽͂̓̏ͬ͋̐̀̍ͥ͂̄̓̊̈͆̋͏̴́҉̡ ̷͋ͥͦͭ͢͏̧́ ̇͑ͣͮ̐ͬ̾ͫ̄ͧ̃͆̔̊̅̅͢͠ ̵̢ͧ̒́͐͊ ̷ͪ̉̇ͧ͌͂̈́\̡̛͛ͩ͐ͨ͐̓ͥͪ̀ͣ͌̄͆̒͜͞͠,̷̶ͧ̉̇͑͛ͩ̎ͭͬ͏͝,̵̶̡̐̌͆̂̅ͧͫͯͨ̇̈̏ͬ̄̀̚͝|̓͗͆ͥ̿̔ͫͭ̑ͨ̈́̎ͣ͘͝ ̷̡̡͛͛ͯͧͦ̏ͭͮͤ̃̉͋ͩ͛̍͒̒́ ͒̐̈̒̋͐̍҉͜͠͡{̨̑̎ͮ͐̑̎͏̸̷͝◣ͦ̔ͣ̒ͦ͑́̈́̚҉̕͘͜͡ ͯ̒͂ͦ̃̍̔̀̔̇͒̌̆̚͜͢‿̶̢ͧͫ̿ͭ͌͛͗ͩ́͞ ̄ͯ̐̄̏̊̊̀͞◢̈́̃͋̿ͭ̊͑͊ͬ̀̿̚͝͏}̵̴̆ͥ͗͊̅͑̑̀͠ ̸̶̆͊̀̍͌ͦ̋̐ͫͣ̍͊̇̓́͘҉ ̂ͪ̓̒ͪ͐̒̆̎̇ͩ͋̌́́͡|̡ͨ̔̐ͬͪͮ̀ͦ́͌ͬ̆͗̃̉̔̃̌̚͟͢,̵̴̨̎͋̈̏̓ͮ͊ͬ̂́͡,̷̵̢̡͐͌̄͂̏͌̈͆͌ͥͣ͞/̴̴̨̨̛̛ͥͦͤ͋ͮ̈́̑ͮͫ̄͊̊̅ͥ̓̋ͥ̌͐͒̽͐ͫ̀̚͡ ͛ͭ͆ͤ͡͡҉͏ ̢̏͒͐ͧ̂̕ ̌ͮ̾̿̃̎̑ͭ̑̀͏͝ ͣ̒͑ͩ̓ͯ̃̎̑͘͟͟͏ ̸͛͆̃͐̈́̌͑̿͋ͬͮ͌̕͘҉ ̶̛̈́̾͂̓ͥ͛̈͊ͮ̓̕͢͝ ͥͤͨ̄͐̃̋̅̉̑̅̽͋҉ ̧̧̒̇̌̀̽ͯ̀ ̡ͮͮͣ̃͋ͨ͐͋͋̕ ̡̨͒ͧͦ̂̊̌̎̑̽́͢͝͠\̓͛̔ͯ̉̐́ͨ̚̚̕͜͞,̸͆̍̐ͣͩ̍̈ͭ̾ͭ̾̀ͤ͏͘̕,̨̢͆ͧͮ̋͐̊ͦ͆ͨͬ͋̓̑̚͏͟|ͮͣ̈ͨ̔ͭͪ͊̀͂͆̃͆̐̍ͮ̏̃҉̴̸͜ ̢̛̈͑ͬ̂ ̵̆̿̇͒̏͆̍ͪ́̽ͪ̈́̊ͩ{͒ͬͦͨ̾ͨ̐ͤ̊ͬ̊͌̀͑҉̢◣̷̶̡̑̓ͭ̾͌̽͆̓̎̑̉̋͊́ ̶̸̶̨ͪ̃̀́̚͝‿̶̷̧ͥͦ̀̓̽ͯ̎ͫ̋͞ ̨̧̄́̓◢̶ͪͧ̑́ͩ̀̓ͩͦ̏͆̓̌̿ͪ͋͆̕͜͞}̧̄̏̄̿͌ͭ̅̓ͧ̋͋ͯͥͩͭ̊͏ ̡͌̇͐̑͑̒ͪ̾̂͆̇͛ͬ͟͠ ̢̢ͩ͑̎̉͒̽̇̏|̢͛̾͌ͮ,̄ͭ͐͛͋ͣ̔͗ͦ̍ͮͫ̊̅̌͗͐̀͢͠,̛̉ͪ̒ͥ͐̊͊ͣ̑ͥ͆̒ͦ̋ͭͣ͝/̨̍̈́ͬ̉̍̄̔̔̍͌ͪ̅͐͌̉̋̎ͬ̈́̇ͤͨ́ͭ̇ͪͩ̅̽ͧ̈́̀̚̕͟͜͠͞

Actividad reciente