iPhone Discoveries.

Music discovered on-the-move that has caught my attention and demanded my curiosity - playlisted to check out later! An eclectic collection thrown at me by the app radio, or found whilst...

8 temas
Shoegaze Frequencies.

Everything indie, shoegaze, post-rocked, noisy, instru-mental and dream-pop. Essentially the latest trends from Pitchfork, filtered through my personal opinion of what is good and what is hipster...

12 temas
Ultraviolet Harmonies.

A collection of the finest beeps, glitches and buzzes from the world of IDM, ambient, glitch, techno, drone, dubstep, future-garage and more. I'll try and keep this list limited to only the best...

12 temas
Canonical Classics.

Some of my all-time top tracks; tracks that take me to a time and place, tracks that make me smile, tracks that refuse to be listened to once only... This is also my first ever Playlist -...

25 temas