absolutely unrelenting carnage absurd amazing amazing beyond all reason ambidjent awesome awesome solo badass beautiful beer-swayingly good biker breakdown blackstep brutal circle pit of death creepy deliciously evil djent djent eeeeepic elevator metal epic epic as fuck epic trance favorites fuck yes fucking amazing fucking awesome fucking awesome riffs fucking brutal fucking epic fucking sick fucking slipknot fucking yes fuuuuck get ready to fuck shit up godlike haunting hauntingly beautiful headbanging staple holy fuck holy shit i am floating i have no name face a blur im taking off my clothes too paul infectious beats insane intense ive never wanted to headbang so hard jazz is like jello puddin kick ass legendary lol malfunctioning mechanical overlords mass ejaculation poured into a song masterpiece melodic black metal melodic death metal mindblowing more awesome than a box of pure awesome morning brings the rising sun much better than that shit they do now music to beat copious amounts of ass to music to whip your slaves to nig as shit night driving not core at all oh fuck oh my fucking satan oh shit ohhhh shit painfully brutal painfully sick party pirate metal rage riffs you thought you made up and then heard and made you rage righteous covers seen live severe math tech assualt sex sexy sick sick breakdown so fucking epic so fucking sick song to surf to soundtrack to giant robot warfare spaaaaaaaace sweetest intro ever the sound enemies in mgs make when they see you too awesome trippy unbe-fucking-lievable underrated unsettling solos wandering through the haunted woods weedly weedly weird shit but good shit what dragonforce wishes they were why are you so good insomnium yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah