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  • LongLiveGrimes

    Yeah, Diplo is the man, I admire his workethic. The album with Skrillex he dropped earlier this year was on point and I love all the singles from Major Lazer's upcoming album, you can check them all out here. / Yeah, Very GOOD Beats team is crazy. Are you planning on listening to Father's new EP? It's really dope. This beat is so hypnotizing.

    ayer por la noche Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    Diplo and Gucci are working on a joint album!

    18 Abr 20:58 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    Yeah, also they both worked on Ferreira's Everything is Embarrassing. Have you listened to Barter 6? I still can't understand if it's a mixtape or album, anyway it's disappointing. / You've ever heard of Lil Uzi Vert? I only knew him through DJ Carnage's song with A$AP Ferg and he sounded like a Thugger rip-off, but this is fire. Charlie Heat, the guy who produced this song and most of Uzi's songs, got signed to GOOD after Virgil showed Uzi's songs to Yeezy. He co-produced Lunch Money, All Day, U Mad, Madonna's Illuminati and alot more coming!

    17 Abr 19:07 Responder
  • Tecktoyouth

    I gotta agree, that's the only style of music on which I hear people saying it's bad because of the lack of message in the lyrics, eventhough those people listen to electronic music where there is no message at all haha. To that you have to add those hip-hop heads stuck in the 90's (or even far away) who criticize everything that don't sound the same as this era. I prefer being open minded and listen to old and new things / As for the A$ap single I haven't listened to it yet, I'm not a big fan of his music but I will give it a try

    16 Abr 14:38 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    By the way, Dev wrote and co-produced a song for Carly Rae Jepsen with Ariel Reichtsheid. It sounds so Blood Orange-ish!

    15 Abr 18:56 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    I would recommend to listen to his album. It's on point, so you will decide for yourself. I like his tape Strictly 4 my Papiz (not sure if it's the right name) as well. Devonte's girlfriend has recently dropped her first solo song! It sounds similar to his stuff, ain't it?

    15 Abr 18:51 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    I don't know if it's just me or Gucci's music is getter worse and worse with every new release. I only liked 'Cold Day' this time. / Have you seen this?

    14 Abr 4:57 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    That song is Vic's single. Yeah, Kendrick's got a credit as a contriburing writer for 'All Day'. Rihanna's demo is called "Mitus Touch", you can download it here. / What do you think of Trap House 5?

    12 Abr 11:20 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    Kendrick's verse for "All Day" leaked. We ain't going to get a remix of the song, because some of the lines were used by Kanye. It explains why Kendrick was credited as a writer of the song.

    11 Abr 18:01 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    M'$ is hard, ain't it? Btw, we got 2 new songs featuring Kanye yesterday! The one is Vic Mensa's song and the other is a demo Ye recorded as a reference track for Rihanna, but it leaked.

    11 Abr 9:19 Responder
  • Tecktoyouth

    Haha same for me, i like ignorant shit. Plus sometimes it looks ignorant but when you really listened it's in fact not that stupid / I agree with you, he's not the typical trapper, he got something more that make him special. He's way more entertaining than others like Rick Ross, Alley Boy or Juicy J / And as you said the "death of hip-hop" is something stupid, that's just people who are stuck in the 90's who don't accept the evolution. Personnaly I think that hip-hop is getting better and better if you dig a little, cause there's a lot of different type for everyone (political rap, horrorcore, trap, boom bap, ...)

    10 Abr 20:08 Responder
  • Tecktoyouth

    I have to agree with you about K.R.I.T. he's clearly one of America most complete artist (wassup DJ Quik, haha) right now. At first I was really enjoying every release, but now I'm a bit tired of his music. In fact, I haven't listened to Cadillactica yet (shame on me). / Haha yeah, regarding what Gucci has done, it's easy to picture him doing what he says in his songs. Plus I don't know how he did that but I never saw another trapper (except maybe Jeezy) doign songs with the like of Talib Kweli, 50 Cent, 8Ball & MJG, Big Boi, Z-Ro ... just to name a few

    8 Abr 13:58 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    You mean the remix of All Day? I've watched 'Lost River' today. It was really good!

    7 Abr 21:07 Responder
  • Tecktoyouth

    My favorites are Go Crazy, Choppa & Rich Nigga Choppers, this is a pretty good tape. And yeah he's way better when yellin over aggressive production haha / The same for me, for example I'm bored with Big K.R.I.T or Curren$y eventhough they're good artists they release too much music without really changing the formula, but I don't know why I'm never tired of listening to Gucci Mane

    6 Abr 19:55 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    I still don't understand how Wiz manages to stay relevant, but he's cool. He's got some bangers on 28 Grams. Yes, that cover is lame. They could've done it better. / A lot of films I've been waiting for since last year are out now -- Ozon's 'The New Girlrfriend', Ukrainian 'The Tribe' which received 3 awards at the Cannes, and two films with Charlotte Gainsbourg -- 'Samba' and 'Incompresa'. I liked all of them! 'Mommy' and 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night' (the first Iranian vampire western, according to its description lol!) are next. Futhermore, 'Lost River', 'Child 44' (a new Tom Hardy film), and the new Avengers come out this month. Waaay up, I feel blessed!

    5 Abr 17:07 Responder
  • Tecktoyouth

    Well, it's not his best tape in my opinion, but it's pretty good. I was a bit disappointed with his musical direction on Turn Up Godz Tour, here it's the powerful trap that I like from him. Did you listened to it ? / Nice to hear it about Gucci, there's never too much haha

    2 Abr 19:56 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    It's on iTunes. / Five projects? omg, lol. I've listened to that EP, didn't like it, it's not as atmospheric as Chromatics' stuff and this is probably the main reason I like Chromatics. / Have you listened to the new Wiz Khalifa x Ty Dolla $ign EP? I really like "Post Up" on it.

    2 Abr 16:31 Responder
  • LongLiveGrimes

    I feel you, I didn't watch it on the big screen, because I couldn't find anyone to go with me. / Lost River OST is out, but I can't see it anywhere. It has 37 songs!

    1 Abr 17:56 Responder
  • Tecktoyouth

    I'm not a big fan of Kanye eventhough I have to recognize that 808's & heartbreak is nice. And yeah I listened to pretty much everything Wooh Da Kid has released, my favorite is Strap-A-Holics. Anyway Black Out has a lot of good tracks

    1 Abr 9:49 Responder
  • Tecktoyouth

    My favorite on Mr Clean The Middle Man is Everybody Dies, I really like Wooh Da Kid. Plus the chorus is funny too "The dogs, the fishes, everybody dies!" haha. I was also impressed by Vampire, especially 'cuz I'm not a big fan of Mustard. And I agree, the autotune works well with this track, anyway I like it when it's well used

    30 Mar 10:02 Responder
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