4/4 5/4 6/8 <3 absolute fucking freedom acoustic alpha as fuck alternative ambient avant garde avant-garde bands i need to listen to bass sound beautiful as fuck best artist on this universe best song that was ever written best thing since sliced bread bit of a filler brutal death murder metal bunnies ejaculating scooters on lsd bunnies ejaculating sunshine cant listen to this without bawling my eyes out chrome player classical danish dat chord sequence dat riff dat time signature dissonant dont know whether to laugh or cry driving a scooter through your school electronic emo emo fag euphoric everyone high-fiving everyone experimental fell in love with this song filler floating in mid air folk guitar wtf happiest song in the world happy hardcore holy smokes i can feel myself bursting i shall play this at my funeral and everyone shall cry and it will be a glorious day icelandic indie indie rock instrumental january nine teeeeen jazz jonsi is the best linkin park listen to more lo-fi long live the part lyrics math as fuck math rock mideast emo motherfuckin rabbits ejaculating sunshine oh god why ohhhhhhhhh cumlehhhhhhhh partying partying piano post as fuck post rock post-rock pro as fuck probably nazi progressive rock punk rock really fucking beautiful piece of art repetitive rock scuba diving on lsd second part sex bobomb skydiving on lsd sleeping on lsd song of my life speech super awesome these guys are god these guys are jesus these guys pwn this coached my life this is good isnt it this town has fucking skills title is a full sentence trumpets vocals are beast we have only just begun what why wow wtf