• Inoculating against excess.

    5 Ene 2013, 14:04

    ___ - The article from here was adapted for this group.

    I don't know how people spend New Year holidays in other countries, but in Russia there are very long ones. ;-) Due to them, full of excess of idleness and eating, I remembered a film "Easy rider" I watched last year (though it was a week ago or like that), in which, I think, also much excess (but of different kind).

    I heard much about "Easy rider", especially about its sountrack, including songs played by such people as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Steppenwolf. One day I decided to watch the film - also because of Jack Nicholson. ;-P

    I know I'm not a cinema critic, so my first impressions are about my own perception. Well, I felt very much hate about the work. The only character which I pitied is the one played by Jack Nicholson (advocate, who is addicted to alcohol, was his role). To say about the main ones (one of them, played by Dennis Hopper, reminded me of "Pink Floyd" drummer Nick Mason by his appearance), I wasn't sorry about them. Two banana-heads, which were killed by other two banana-heads. If to try to feel the idea of "Easy rider" better, of course, the end of 60s was very much about conflict between the young people (they had another point of view on the whole world, but they had also bad characters: I mean "free love" and so on) and the old ones (or just "rednecks", who were very orthodox about life). But, as for me, the young generation behind two bikers was shown only from the worst side. The whole "Easy rider" has too much references to this: by the way, how do you like the first minutes (!!!) of the film when the main characters are snuffing cocaine? Looks like fun, though. Oppositely, there is absolutely no fun in scene of orgy in cemetery during LSD trip. Odious moment, but it was shot excellent: it shows what it's like to use drugs with all the ensuing consequences. I think it's quite good film to show it to young people for giving them an idea like: "Don't take drugs, or you'll become an idiot".

    The main expression about the film I can compare with looking through the keyhole and seeing unpleasant things, to say at least. Another thing is that it can be useful for not doing the things like those ones. Especially when you have a chance to end like the main characters of "Easy rider".

    p.s.: Due to film "Easy rider" I know what "Manfred Mann's Earth Band" sang in song "Mardi Gras day" about. ;-P
  • New Year's Day, or Top-5 of my favourite X-mas songs.

    30 Dic 2012, 12:51

    Only several hours are to New Year's Day, so I have a desire to make some post dedicated to this. Resume of the whole year? No, I think, because my interests (even in music) are too limited for being a musical critic. But it's a great moment to create some kind of hit parade... Of course, regarding the songs for Christmas.

    To say honestly, I dislike the major part of Christmas songs, though I celebrate the holiday itself. The main reason for my disliking such songs is the music. There are for me only about ten songs about Christmas, which I like. So I'm going to represent my own list of the greatest X-mas songs ever. The list will have no definite positions - just songs and my comments on them. ;-)

    - "ABBA" - "Happy New Year":

    I've always respected this band, because, it seems to me, this is almost the one POP band with even no suggestion of vulgarity. To say about the song, in Russia it is often played on the radio (I don't know how about other countries), but it never gets me bored.

    - "Wham!" - "Last Christmas":

    Sad, but tender song, which is sang by George Michael (who has, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful voices in pop music), when he was in a band "Wham!". Even when you hear it in summer, you will feel like it's Christmas (or New Year's Day).

    - "Slade" - "Merry Xmas everybody":

    Well, it's time for more rocky songs. Here is the one played by cheerful rock band "Slade". Just dance and nothing more.

    - John Lennon - "Happy christmas (War is over)":

    Absolute legend of all times, who is also from the world of rock music (yes, "The Beatles" always were a rock band for me!), with a touchy song, which has some social subtext. It always makes me cry, though it has the mood of magic.

    - "Discoteka Avaria" - "New Year":

    This is the Russian pop band with their merry anthem for "New Year". I know that nobody knows this band out of Russia, but I wonder how do you like it. At least, I don't want to end my post with a sad song - you know, there was too much tragedy in this year (in politics especially) -, so I with everybody a new great year with much luck and pleasure.
  • The light we have to see.

    27 Dic 2012, 16:19

    The new, 2013 year, will come soon, but there isn't much information about the forthcoming release of Depeche Mode. The only things we have is a track "Angel" and the press conference, which, it seems to me, Depeche Mode members used only to "get trolled" (or tease, if to say on normal English) fans and nothing more. But, on the other hand, 2012 year gave us new Dave Gahan's solo work (made with Soulsavers) "The light the dead see" and the "secret" performance dedicated to this release, the link on which user FastClaps gave me (the concert is here).

    I think this performance will be a surprise for, at least, some part of Depeche fans. Dave Gahan, which we used to see on concerts running with a michophone stand and showing his torso, behaves totally other way: he did it as he was a blues singer, not a frontman of a band which is popular all over the world. I recognized Dave only due to his voice and stage manners, but not by this appearance because of the lighting, with which, to say honestly, I'm not happy, and with the way of shooting as well. The performance of Dave, singing his songs from "The light the dead see" with so much power which cannot be heard very much on several last Depeche Mode's albums, deserves more accurate shooting and lighting: in my opinion, some moments showed anything but not the best work of a director (except the beginning of the film with the views on music instruments).

    Even if you didn't like "The light the dead see" much, you should see the performance despite of some lack of accuracy in shooting. At least, it's the only thing we can do before Depeche Mode will say anything about their new record.

    p.s.: I hope DM will get professional director for their new videos, but not the one, which shot Dave's "secret" performance in Los Angeles, and - Heaven forbid! - not the people which worked with DM during the era of "Sounds of the Universe".