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  • Meat_Wolf

    They haven't, the album is just different. Maybe a bit worse but Rastlos also had a couple of flaws.

    Ayer 4:03pm Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    It's very good, almost the same as the previous, just from a different angle.

    Ayer 1:59pm Responder
  • Lefkandi

    MALINCONIA NOUVEAU the new album of “Le Jardin Des Mémoires” it's out now.We focusing on the emotional side of the composition.In a vibe of Novembre,Katatonia,Anathema,Alcest and last but not least Klimt 1918.Please visit our site and download the album now!!

    25 Nov 15:57 Responder
  • DrStrangeIove

    well The Arcane Order could already be a little bit more interisting 4 me.

    7 Nov 1:55 Responder
  • DrStrangeIove

    i tried it now but i think its still nothing for me. Thanks for the tipp anyway :)

    5 Nov 0:28 Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    Not actually a find, he has quite some history but I never bothered to check because of the prog tag, however this album has very little prog aspect so it's quite enjoyable to me.

    29 Jun 15:10 Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    Weird, really May 27th. Well, you can also try ordering from UK, my payment was accepted there today, meanning they will dispatch the album this Monday-Thuesday.

    10 May 6:04 Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    Which Amazon? UK says May 12th, but they always have a couple of days of delay. Different sites may have different availability dates probably.

    9 May 15:49 Responder
  • frisovandaalen

    Yeah it does.

    4 May 11:10 Responder
  • snoron

    Hi! What a awesome taste you have! Have you ever heard about Finnish Epic/ Dark/ Folk Metal band Frosttide? You can listen whole "Awakening" album by Frosttide from YouTube for free! Enjoy! If you liked what you heard feel free to spread the word! Greetings from Finland!

    21 Abr 19:29 Responder
  • within_darkness

    I will know as soon as I listen to it more. Sounds different from the first demo. Stumbled upon at least two completely skippable tracks last night but couldn't focus on it today due to work issues and crapload of promos coming my way. So I'll get back to you soon, hopefully with a thorough opinion.

    9 Abr 20:14 Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    Yes I noticed a lot of Insomnium references even on the debut. I think it's a good album as well, although I like The Black Wild Yonder a bit more. And yes I am!

    6 Abr 7:40 Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    The album is great although I call it modern melodeath elements, such riffs were used by Soilwork, Scar Symmetry and In Flames back in the day when there was no djent at all ^^

    5 Abr 10:10 Responder
  • AntonyBilberry

    Nice taste! Check this please, my dear friend!

    1 Abr 16:44 Responder
  • DarkOmar07

    HI ! Hope you're well! I write because recently launched with my band ETERNUS from Chile, our first album "Labyrinth of Reason". We play symphonic metal, with influences of power metal, etc., and with influences from bands like Nightwish, Sabaton, Epica, etc.. We differ from other bands of the genre, because we have an opera singer man, who gives a special and different sound. Hopefully you can hear us on our official Facebook (Grant us one Like please, u can download free our album). Sample song: "Nemesis of the Gods" - ! Thank you very much for reading this, we are just beginning and need maximum support, every aid helps very much. Have a nice day, greetings from Chile. PD: Do u know some metal webs or facebook pages to share our music in ur country :B? Thanks

    20 Mar 22:53 Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    That's what I thought because they've been maintaining a high level of quality for quite some time and I can't comprehend how things could have turned out that bad. So I keep faith and wait!

    11 Mar 5:50 Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    Doubt Moonsorrow will return to the early sound. And yes, they are one of the best when it comes to composing longer tracks because they are coherent and not like made of various unfitting pieces. My friend who heard Insomnium says: "<...> the plastic production, general mononoty, lack of highlights, screwed up harmonies, unfinished melodies." I refuse to believe :(

    10 Mar 20:15 Responder
  • Sonata89

    Epica just did the "perfect" record if I might call it like that. First the album seemed pretty inconsiderable and easy to me but that was just because of the fact that the album is easier to listen to then the "normal" Epica stuff.Still they kept all the trademarks you love and there is also complexity within the songs. They nailed it, thats it.Elvenking proofs that they're the best band when it comes to Power/Folk metal. I wasn't the biggest fan of "era" since I somehow missed the magic from RST. With the new one they show us an dark energetic atmosphere with so many stuff to discover. I mean you'll start with a 12 minute monster and it already blows you away although there is still so much to come. Hymns,dark songs,acoustic stuff. Everything you love this band for! Sonata did what they said,they headed back to the old days but they combined it with their newer influences.So you got lots of Power metal with a modern touch from their current era and a little progressive touch as well.

    10 Mar 13:25 Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    Nostalgia and mostly duck syndrome. But most of us are like that with things anyway. Moonsorrow has been pretty dark for almost 10 years, ever since Verisäkeet. I don't really like the last album as a whole, since just 1 songs, Huuto, really stands out, the rest is packed with monotonous not changing riffs and Moonsorrow were always best at making a couple of riffs sound different over a course of 10-20 mins which was perfectly showcased at Hävitetty. Also I didn't like the 'wood cabin' production, not that their sound was crystal clear on any album but this time it was just too much of blur and mud. It's still a good album but it could have been much better. Curious about their next step. Although next step for now would be release of whole disco vinyl box set on Blood music for 300+ euros ._.

    10 Mar 5:04 Responder
  • Meat_Wolf

    Early albums of any band get higher ratings, that's the way of life :D I like the late ones usually and Insomnium is no exception.

    9 Mar 16:09 Responder
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