Dave Matthews Band! Sweet Joy!


11 Dic 2006, 20:05

Got reccomended this band probably 5 years ago, and have had some attempts to check it out without any perticular emotional response. I liked the Some Devil(wich i cannot find anywhere on the discography) Tried it again last week and checked out the Busted Stuff and i totally FLIPPED over!

The album was a enjoyable experience, right up my alley at the time. Great lyrics, jazzy funk with a vocal surpassing Eddie Vedder in his glory days with Ten, and melodic songs ripping my heart out and throwing it up in the air.

I moved on to Before These Crowded Streets believing it could never reach up to the busted stuff album. I was wrong! It is right up there too.

I don't think i ever had such emotional experience with music as i do with those two albums (sober that is:). I got the chills and sweat alternatively, sometimes laughin out loud from the funny arrangements. I never laughed at a instrument before, but i can catch myself doing that often when i listen to Dave Matthews band, and i really enjoy it :D

I'm looking forward to checking the rest of their stuff out the next weeks, yum yum..


  • Hypnoid

    in 1996, Matthews launched an attack on bootleggers in conjunction with the Federal Government, targeting stores that were selling semi-legal discs of live performances. The efforts of Matthews, his band, and his management resulted in an unprecedented crackdown on bootleggers in early 1997 — with nearly all of the major foreign bootlegging companies placed under arrest by the United States — thereby putting a moratorium on the entire underground industry.

    13 Dic 2006, 23:14
  • katekowald

    Im so glad you have tapped into the greatest of DMB.. yess!! Im going to see them in Adelaide, Australia in April. So cant wait. Live is amazing.

    15 Ene 2007, 10:58
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