a shame this faggot cant sing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ambient back when they were good bad bankrobber beatdown riffitude blackened thrash boring brutal technical progressive rock bunch of nerds talking casual deathcore chaotic hardcore chaotic nintendocore chucky cheese vocals complete and utter shit cute dark ambient death metal deathcore deathgrind desire to eat beef jerky djent doom metal drone drone ambient embarrassingly bad experimental experimental deathcore experimental mathcore fake ambient fake mathcore fake noise fedoracore field recordings filler fucking shredding fucking trash funky asiatic jam gay shit grindcore grunge hardcore hella gay im taking off my clothes too paul impossible for liberals to deal with instrumental king of all thrash metal riffs king of riffs last time i gave a shit i got fucked mainstream singalong bullshit mallgoth math rock mathcire mathcore mathgaze mathgrind melodic hardcore metalcore metallic hardcore music for jason robards to shoot dudes in the face to noise noise surf normalfag shit passive-agressive liberal metalcore political slipknot cover band post-hardcore post-hardcore influenced punk rock post-rock prog-rock progressive deathcore rapes real real bad rhyming cries with eyes rhyming fire with desire riffitude scissors on his fucking head shitfuck mallgoth fagtunes shoegaze slapping the shit out of a banjo slowcore southern hardcore stoner rock teaching bitches how to swim technical deathcore thrash metal till our seas are dried up too deep tragically lame title true darkness trying too hard wack walmart beats weak thrash web designer metal werewolves on wheels when i deleted the album whining about girls yolo you come out your shit is gone