a hundred percent on the fag-o-meter a million light reflections pass over me actually maybe this is nsbm after all akerfeldtian limp-dicked regressive wankery ambient buttrock ambient metalcore ambient nu metal ambient progressive alternative rock ambient psychedelic progressive electronic rock ambient slamming brutal death metal atmospheric melodic folk death metal atmospheric progressive alternative rock bathory ripoff bawwwcore better than animals as leaders better than opeth big black after a lobotomy break da fuk down breakdown in a power metal song check your privilege christmas metal dat bass dat bass solo dat choir dat organ dat solo deathened groove metal dem tribal drums disregard guitars acquire keyboards dont die on me drowning in my own semen dubstep that doesnt completely fucking suck elkened forest snowcore face to face with cold dead eyes finland strong flutes are fucking metal gay gay for mikael akerfeldt gay for steven wilson good metalcore gotta go fast grandpas progressives metals grorious nippon gustav holst aint got nothin on quorthon guys i would go gay for haters gonna hate help me i am drowning in cheese huge black cocks penetrating my rectum i came i got an ice cream headache from listening to this if skrillex was a black metal band if venetian snares was a lolicon in the front in the back killa bees on attack instrumental ambient nu metal james labrie in da house yo kill people burn shit fuck school kroegressive cock rock kvlt as fvck let the battle now commence long frostbitten hellhammer ov satanic penetration melodic old school death metal mikael should just fucking retire at this point neckbeard metal neo-erotic spandex rock next level beats no energy no powah no growls norway strong not in cycles but in lines not nsbm not quite as good as dissection but still pretty ballin of gay and homotion porcupine tree fellatio post-ambient blackened folkcore post-avant depressive wankgaze post-transcendental stenchcore progressive dronestep rammstein regressive cock sad shitty radiohead ripoff so energy song i lost my virginity to space metal spirittttttt crusheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr stevie willie didgeridoo stolen opeth riff technical melodic bestial black metal that feel the most frostbitten and grim music from the very very very very very very inverted… the steven wilson experience this nigga transsexual black metal trve kvlt gr1m bl4k m3thul trve kvlt grim necro creepy spooky haunting progressive melodic trve norwegian blakk… urethral sounding metal wannabe dadrock we bathory now we dream theater now yeah im a prog rock person myself king crimson jethro tull the list could go on