5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2008 11 20--


6 Dic 2008, 21:29

fun! so i would have been doing the second fund drive show, but we had postponed the fund drive. if you listened last week, a giant fire broke out in santa barbara, so we were reporting on that instead of doing the fund drive. i didn't podcast it cause it was mostly reporting and you would have gotten bored probably. so yah, no live bands exactly. but i had a guest appearance from Eddie Winslow. and i played a PWRFL Power set from when he played at Muddy Waters back in March of 2008. cool.

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Sink - Little Red Car Wreck
Happiness - Japanther
So Far From Here - the merriweathers
Chances - Rafter
I Want a Girl Who Knows HTML - Da Bears
Pandas Can Do It! - 202-427-0633
Clicky Clicky - My Little Red Toe
Gemini - Eric Metronome
Sink or Swim - Deer Tick
Unchained - Unbunny
In the Service of the Wilderness - Dustin and the Furniture

LIVE: Eddie Winslow

You Geranium, You Potato - Shelby Sifers
Feel My Face - snoel
Nicknames - g.o.o.f
Outlawz - Man Factory
Be Mine Now - The Oscillators
Astronomical / Mathematical - May Or May Not
Raspberry Beret - Rizzo
Crayons - Anthony Junior
Matching Overalls - Matty Pop Chart
These Days - Galactic Heroes
I Like You Now - I Like Japanese Hardcore

Pwrfl Power - live at Muddy Waters on March 15, 2008


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