5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2007 09 27--


1 Oct 2007, 5:37

first day of classes... meh

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new kids on the block - Bark Bark Bark
whirling - The Icicles
bowl noodle hot - Pleaseeasaur
you can tell - Bears
smack that ii: electric boogaloo - Jellybean!
bon jour - Loverlee
like a firefly - Ben and Bruno
the truth - The Little Bicycles
it's hard to wake up - Lucky Dragons
i can get weird - Blanketing
not today - Henry's Dress
track 03 - Whitman
toboggan - Breathe Owl Breathe
too many stars - Let's Go Sailing
faling in love with your best friend - Paul Baribeau
western meadowlark - Brown Recluse Sings
the singing tree - Jack & Jeffrey Lewis
she makes the world spin slow - Matthew Hattie Hein
nuage club - Clara Clara
history of sour candy - Jacob Berendes
geek to chic - Scandaliz Vandalistz
how i rose from the dead - Diana Froley
oh be joyful - Old Hack
ladybug - Kickball
life's so hard - Marc With a C
hard on the freeway - Diego Perez
son of a gun - Ideal Free Distribution
the meter marks ok - Lonely, dear
inside - Fred Thomas & Juan Garcia
recycle - Lloyd & Michael
bear hugs - Redbear.
king - The Fucking Buckaroos
changes - LA Beard Club
thinking is killing me - The Manhatten Love Suicides
lark eating seeds - Galleons Lap
your guitar - Land of Ill Earthquakes
i am as you see me - OK Vancouver OK
children's song for adults - Good Luck Bear
winter hearts settle - Liz Isenberg
everything can wait - Out of Work Sailor
sliding - Out of Work Sailor
apple - Gowns
free bird - Little Wings
hold on, c'mon - We All Have Hooks For Hands


  • okaykelly

    that guys the best

    2 Oct 2007, 5:36
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