Setlist: Christophe - 05-11-2012 IAO Arts Gallery, OKC, OK


14 May 2012, 4:25

Went up to the city for my good friend Allin's art show. It's kind of weird playing an art show. Lots of standing around singing while everyone tries to ignore you and talk over you. You're just there to give them background noise. So we opted to go completely unplugged. No p.a.'s and no amps. It went well. It was fun and I made some cash.

Christophe Murdock
"For The Love Of Everything"
Opening Reception
IAO Arts Gallery
Oklahoma City, OK

Set One:
1. Red Dirt (Christophe Murdock)
2. Another Small Town Song (Christophe Murdock)
3. Rollin' On (Christophe Murdock)
4. The King Is Dead (Danny Trashville)
5. The Beast In Me (Nick Lowe)
6. Broken Promises & Broken Hearts (Christophe Murdock)
7. Wasted Time (Christophe Murdock)
8. As You Sleep (Christophe Murdock)
9. M (Christophe Murdock)
10. Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
11. Misery Road (Christophe Murdock)
12. Thunderstorms & Neon Signs (Wayne Hancock)
13. The Life of an Outlaw (Christophe Murdock)

Set Two:
1. Country Heroes (Hank III)
2. Ballad For The Lost (Christophe Murdock)
3. Sea of Heartbreak (Don Gibson)
4. If the Sun Don't Shine (Christophe Murdock)
5. Ball & Chain (Social Distortion)
6. Opulence (Danny Trashville/Casper McWade)
7. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash)
8. Bad Luck (Social Distortion)
9. Thirteen (Glenn Danzig)
10. Road Rash (Christophe Murdock)
11. Astro Zombies (The Misfits)
12. Hellbound (Christophe Murdock)
13. Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional)
14. Back Into Grace (Christophe Murdock/Danny Trashville)


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