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SHINeeLucifer Tema favorito Ayer 1:48pm
SHINeeLucifer Tema favorito Ayer 1:45pm
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  • xTeeth

    Thanks for accepting! (: You have such awesome charts!

    24 Jul 23:30 Responder
  • mad_qwerty

    nice taste ^^

    10 Jul 11:30 Responder
  • unsaidethings

    Me too ^^

    3 Jul 6:15 Responder
  • unsaidethings

    how are you? :D

    2 Jul 0:36 Responder
  • unsaidethings

    Hey! ^^

    1 Jul 2:36 Responder
  • kacchicchi

    Thanks for add!!

    21 May 4:38 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    Ah, so maybe that's why you have ava with them both, kkk~ My fav is only Key ♥~ But I like Taemin too, nyan ^.^

    19 Abr 12:12 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    Oh, I see XD I guess that Key is your bias from SHINee? Or not?

    19 Abr 10:02 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    You're bf likes SHINee too? :P

    19 Abr 8:54 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    I stay at home too, of course with my family. My friend come tomorrow too and we planing to watch SHINee concert :3

    19 Abr 8:40 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    Me too! :) It'll be great to can meet someday INFINITE, SHINee or BTOB someday, kkk~ Of course for me ^.^ So, how do you spend Easter? :3

    19 Abr 8:02 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    I think in the same way! She deserve for more :O No, I didn't go... And it's not that I'm scared because I don't afraid jrock fans or something like that (I was at rhree jrock concert and I still alive! hehe XD), but I just haven't money. I'm the GazettE fan since 2005 and I think that someday I can go for they're concert 8D Maybe if they come to Poland, kkk~ It'll something crazy then :3

    18 Abr 15:38 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    I think she is great too! I love her voice&songs, especially: Nemutte ita Kimochi Nemutte ita Kokoro, Misekake no I Love you, SUNDAY MORNING and Revolver but she have many good songs :3 I waiting for Ayas come back too^^ It'll be great to hear something new from her :) Uwaaaa, that's great! :D Did you go for any of they're concerts when the GazettE playing in EU? :3

    17 Abr 20:38 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    I think about Reaply in the same way :) My fav kpop artist is: Choshinsung (Supernova), INFINITE, FT Island, BoA, SHINee, BTOB, CNBlue, Block B, B1A4, A-PRINCE, T-ARA, Secret, The BOSS, AOA, After School and I like also too SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior, TVXQ, SS501. From jpop I like: Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Ayaka, Ayaka Hirahara, Aya Kamiki, Do As Infinity, AZU, Kis-My-Ft2 and I think it's all. From other artist my fav is:Christina Aguilera, Nightwish, Linkin Park :) I also like to listening jrock and here I have many fav artists too, kkk~ But my one fav band from jrock, forever and ever is the GazettE :D Maybe you know them? :)

    17 Abr 11:50 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    I see^^ I'm into kpop since 2008, when DBSK was very popular with they're song "Mirotic" and they're my first fav kpop band in this days~ I know SHINee from they're debut days with "Reaply" :) Yes, I see it too :D What else do you ike besides SHINee then? 8D

    16 Abr 11:16 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    I'm fine, thank you for asking^^ I see you're a big fan of SHINee :) How long you are SHINee fan? :D

    14 Abr 8:36 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    Thank you for accepted my friend request and it's really nice to meet you :) I love your SHINee plays <3 How are you? :D

    13 Abr 20:26 Responder
  • Xiahzart

    Hello ^.^

    13 Abr 11:31 Responder
  • ReallyStoryGirl


    12 Mar 13:02 Responder
  • Sanne_E

    ahh perhaps one day you'll visit Holland again =)

    4 Feb 20:07 Responder
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