Stray Ghost's "Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise" Released


14 Nov 2009, 11:33

Hidden Shoal Recordings today announced the release of Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise, the new EP by English ambient drone architect Stray Ghost.

On his latest EP, Anthony Saggers works his magic in reverse. Rather than begin at the bottom, exploring the depths of melancholy, Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise is dominated by waves of rich, major-key chords, which seem to be simultaneously advancing and receding, suspending the listener. It is perhaps one of the most light-filled and hopeful of the Stray Ghost releases thus far. However, Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise is still frayed at the edges and cut through with vulnerability. Although reinforced by glowing, enveloping drones, there’s ever the sense that everything is about to fall apart – albeit beautifully.

Ten-minute opener ‘La Belle Semaine’ blossoms into life with wavering Mellotrons and blankets of rich synths. Halfway through, the music begins to disappear, before shimmering back into life with a tremolo pulse. Shorter centrepiece ‘Au Revoir à la Belle Semaine’ reprises the wavering Mellotron, but fractured by metallic tones and distant ringing. Finally, ‘Réminiscences Et Rêves De Beauté’ takes all the elements of the preceding tracks, aerates them, then sends the tape loop disintegrating into nothingness across another ten spellbinding minutes.

“Of all the daring new punks giving old ambient stalwarts a run for their money, Saggers is at the top of the heap, a prime example of the refreshing and beautiful ambient renaissance of the past few years” – Jack Britton, The Silent Ballet

Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise is the first in a special new series of digital-only releases by Hidden Shoal Recordings. The EP is available now in all digital formats, including lossless. For all availability information, visit the Hidden Shoal Store. The release of Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise is a precursor to the epic full-length reply to Stray Ghost's 2008 masterpiece Losthilde, to be released by Hidden Shoal on January 27th, 2010.

Read a full press release here.


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