Disordered Sleeping.


14 Abr 2008, 22:06

I'm just doing this because I got bitched at by someone (who isn't a friend or in my neigbors list) for not paying enough attention to them. WTF!!!

This is more of a warning to the people that I may be talking to on here or those who notice that I'm around and listening to music but think I'm ignoring them when they send messages. That really isn't the case.

I don't sleep much, maybe two or three hours of solid sleep a day if I'm lucky. It's not the falling asleep that is difficult (I can close my eyes and will myself to sleep in minutes), it's the staying alseep that I have problems with. Most of the time I'll doze off for 10 or 15 minutes only. And it's weird because I can sleep through anything. Airplanes taking off, tornado sirens, earthquakes, people yelling, gunshots, etc. But if someone whispers my name or touches me I'm instantly awake. There is no moment of grogginess either that most people have when adjusting from being asleep and then waking up. It seems that I'm either on or off and some practical joker is always flipping the damn switch.

This is something I've been dealing with for almost seven years now and nothing seems to help. Sometimes, getting shit-faced drunk helps; but not really, it just makes the world spin even faster. I don't think It affects my waking life too much unless I've been up for days at a time in which case my thoughts get muddled and incoherent I get edgy and canterkerous even and have a constant headache. Hell I've even had hallucinations after being awake for 80+ hours. I definitely tend to ramble on in my conversations with other people.

A lot of the times when I'm laying awake late at night I'll set up a playlist of anywhere from 4 to 12 hours of music on it, set it on random and see if I can get any sleep. Sometimes I get a little, sometimes none at all. Believe it or not I find heavy extreme music to be soothing. If I try to listen to something light and airy it tends to annoy me more than anything and keeps me awake. But for some reason on the nights that I do leave some music playing I do sleep better.

So if you see me on here and I seem to be listening to stuff at random, I may actually be asleep or just dozing. And if you leave a message I'll get back to you within moments or a few hours depending. Just don't think I'm ignoring you and then berate me for it.


  • The_Impaler

    Insomnia is something that requires a lot of different attempts to conquer. Sometimes different meds will help, sometimes hypnosis, or whatever you can think of. I have trouble sleeping to but not anywhere near to the degree you do. But I rather enjoy it as one of my friends is an insomniac himself, so there is always something to do. If I were you, I would say try to stay active and moving. Physical exhaustion keeps me in excellent shape and helps me sleep. And, since I'm in college it helps me get a lot of work done when nobody else is up. Do what you gotta do man. Hopefully you will find something that helps.

    14 Abr 2008, 22:15
  • Sleastak

    In the past, I had terrible insomnia, but for me, it was a by-product of depression/anxiety, which was a big problem for me. I got treatment for the depression, though. I believe I had a chemical imbalance in my brain, but meds helped balance things out, and after a while, I no longer needed the meds. It was a horrible problem to have, so I think I have an idea of what you go through. Your situation sounds different than mine, though, but I would think a shrink or a brain doctor could come up with a diagnosis and medication to help. My problem now is just bad sleep patterns, never feeling sleepy at the appropriate time, staying up all night, sleeping a few hours, here and there, and then sleeping all day on Saturday to catch up.

    21 Abr 2008, 7:18
  • Falahk

    what are you diet/food/eating habits like? do you eat on regular times?

    1 Jul 2008, 12:22
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