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5 Ene 2011, 17:59

1) One Night Only
First Song Heard: Start Over
Fell in Love With: Start Over
Current Favorite: Say You Don't Want It

2) Simple Plan
First Song Heard: When I'm Gone
Fell in Love With: When I'm Gone
Current Favorite: Running Out of Time

3) You Me at Six
First Song Heard: Jealous Minds Think Alike
Fell in Love With: If I Were In Your Shoes
Current Favorite: Poker Face

4) Panic! at the Disco
First Song Heard: I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Fell in Love With: I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Current Favorite: There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of it Yet - Live In Chicago

5) All Time Low
First Song Heard: Dear Maria, Count Me In
Fell in Love With: Dear Maria, Count Me In
Current Favorite: Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

6) Disco Ensemble
First Song Heard: Drop Dead, Casanova
Fell in Love With: Headphones
Current Favorite: Eyes Of A Ghost

7) Kaiser Chiefs
First Song Heard: Oh My God
Fell in Love With: Oh My God
Current Favorite: Never Miss a Beat

8) My Chemical Romance
First Song Heard: Helena
Fell in Love With: Welcome to the Black Parade
Current Favorite: DESTROYA

9) General Fiasco
First Song Heard: Rebel Get By
Fell in Love With: Rebel Get By
Current Favorite: Talk to my friends

10) Good Charlotte
First Song Heard: I Just Wanna Live
Fell in Love With: Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
Current Favorite: Like It's Her Brithday

11) Tonight Is Goodbye
First Song Heard: Brain
Fell in Love With: Brain
Current Favorite: You And Your Tune

12) Kids in Glass Houses
First Song Heard: Fisticuffs
Fell in Love With: Fisticuffs
Current Favorite: For Better Or Hearse

13) The Cab
First Song Heard: Disturbia
Fell in Love With: One of THOSE Nights
Current Favorite: That '70s Song

14) The Killers
First Song Heard: Somebody Told Me
Fell in Love With: Somebody Told Me
Current Favorite: On Top

15) Taking Back Sunday
First Song Heard: MakeDamnSure
Fell in Love With: New Again
Current Favorite: Sink Into Me


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