25,000 songs scrobbled!


28 Nov 2006, 2:35

9:18 EST, November 27th 2006: 25,000 songs scrobbled.

And the winner is The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply (Seattle Version).

It took me about a year and a half to blast that many songs through my headphones or speakers, and then feed their names through the internet. I'm sure a few got missed along the way, but I think I caught most of them.
By now, my aggregated stats should be a good representation of what I listen to. However, after signing up for Audioscrobbler all those months ago, "what I listen to" has changed. Not just because I've discovered new music, but because the very act of tabulating and posting my music habits has transformed my instincts.
It's more complicated than the public humiliation factor, which can only account for a bit of the phenomenon. Now that my taste is quantifiable, I sometimes feel compelled to make choices that will build up my charts the way that I imagine them, which is completely unnatural. Some could argue that last.fm helps people notice underappreciated artists buried in the basements of their charts and give them fair due, but it still concerns me. If my charts become a cybernetic feedback loop, they really aren't good for much.
I find it hard to resist the urge to play favourites on last.fm, quietly conspiring against bands to keep your "real favourites" above them. Maybe I should just block this site for a few months and see what happens. If only I weren't so addicted.


  • PearlSnapMan

    I kind of felt the same when I started but once you get so many plays under your belt and have built up what you consider to be your favorites it won't matter much.

    1 Dic 2006, 17:21
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