Album rant: Peeping Tom - dto. (Self-Titled)


3 Jun 2006, 22:48

Peeping Tom, the newest side-project of Mike Patton (Faith No More,Mr.Bungle,Fantomas etc.). He produced the self-titled album all by himself, just transferring and producing the songs via E-Mail or DVD's with the featured Artists. How did it turn out?

1.Five Seconds (feat. Odd Nosdam)
A Gong opens up the first track of the album and continues with some weird noises until the relaxed beat kicks in. At 0.50 a crazy rap part breaks out, just good ol' Patton weirdness. The same routine happens 50 seconds later again and even more insane with brutal guitars. The lyrics and vocals are also pretty cool. Pretty crazy (in a positive way) track. 9/10

2.Mojo (feat. Rahzel & Dan the Automator)
The beat here is really cool throughout the song and pretty weird/mysterious. The bridge is awesome and the refrain really catchy. The lyrics are also pretty damn smart and good again. Heard it numerous times now, pretty damn good. 10/10

3.Don't Even Trip (feat. Amon Tobin)
The sound sounds like some backalley in London full with fog. Very relaxing sound and beat and the vocals are really nice. The lyrics are quite cool but the overall song doesn't appeal that much. Nah, didn't dig it yet but I have to say the "I know assholes grow on trees, but I'm here to trim the leaves" line is pretty damn awesome. 7/10

4.Getaway (feat. Kool Keith)
The high pitched voice by Patton totally fits the rapping by Keith while the song rolls. Pretty dark track, but very cool. The raps are good and the vocals by Patton are quite good as well. 8/10

5.Your Neighborhood Spaceman (Feat. Jel & Odd Nosam)
A melancholic background beat/sound in the intro kicks this of and motions this song. The rap part at 2.30 is pretty cool and the relaxed background sound is good as well. But I felt that the song is a bit too long IMO. 7/10

6.Kill the DJ (feat. Massive Attack)
Wow, a collaboration with Massive Attack. Let's see. Really cool electronic sounds after the intro with creepy vocals by Patton that turn into a heavier part. The relaxing, yet creepy sound (sometimes) parts are really cool. Really, really cool & mysterious song. 10/10

7.Caipirinha (feat. Bebel Gilberto)
Aha, salsa/latin sounds at the beginning. Patton really goes by the music in his head. The slower part turn into a slower, yet heavier part. Quite cool actually, but I'm not big on this track. YET. 6/10

8.Celebrity Death Match (feat. Kid Koala)
Really, really cool lyrics here and the part at 1.09 is brilliant. This is damn awesome. The short part at 2.15 is funny because of the happyness there. The vocals are also good and the beat is cool as well. The "If I keep doing it my way"-lines are really haunting and cool as well. 9/10

9.How U Feelin? (feat. Doseone)
The beat is really cool here and the "We're driving Lamborghis,and we're sipping on Martinis" and the following lines are really amazing and quite cool. The vocals and raps by Patton are so damn fine here. Really amazing track. Probably the best one. 10/10

10.Sucker (feat. Norah Jones)
Really smoth and relaxing sound at the beginning and then crazyness by Patton and his vocals/raps. Then Norah Jones kicks in with her vocals and.. she's dirty :-o . This is awesome. I mean, N.Jones and Mike Patton? Insane. Yet cool. Great refrain and overall really strong track. 10/10

11.We're Not Alone Remix (feat. Dub Trio)
A slow start to begin this song and really high vocals by Patton when the song turns into a more rocking part (the actual refrain). I really like this one and the part around the 3.10 mark is really amazing. A really, really great way to end this album. Congratulations Mr.Patton 10/10

The Highlights:
Five Seconds
Kill the DJ
Celebrity Death Match
How u Feelin?
We're not alone Remix

- Is it Pop? HipHop? Electronic? Experimental? Who knows! Patton has a really weird and twisted mind for music and puts out a really cool album again
- An album full of suprises and weirdness
- Probably one of the strongest side-projects of Patton till yet.

End result:



The current ranks of my album rant season (25.April 2006 – 25. April 2007):

1. Peeping Tom - dto. : 8.7/10
2. Hardcore Superstar – dto. : 8.4/10
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium: 7.9/10
4. AFI - Decemberunderground: 7.8/10
5. Placebo – Meds : 7.7/10
6. The Sounds - Dying to say this to you: 7.6/10
7. NOFX – Wolves in Wolves‘ Clothing: 7.4/10

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  • febodyed

    patton is one of the few true musical geniuses

    9 Jun 2006, 20:56
  • Juliantwd

    he is a true legend

    17 Jun 2006, 10:53
  • naxo_81

    Patton + amazing colaborations = WHAT A DISC!!!

    18 Jun 2006, 3:48
  • WuEska

    Sucker, Mojo and Don't even trip are the best. I love this album. :)

    8 Jul 2006, 10:47
  • Orgasnick

    Just wanted to say, excellent review you wrote there mate!

    4 Ago 2006, 21:58
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