• Grunge Is Not Dead!

    26 Ene 2012, 5:19

    Soundgarden lived up to all our expectations. Grunge is not dead just a little grey around the edges. The heavy, beautiful, dragging, thunder of their growling melodies left my broken soul curled in a euphoric, peaceful state that still surrounds it today. Live music calms me like nothing else on this earth can:) Going back to bed for a well earned nap.Soundgarden
  • 2012 is going to be super groovy!

    15 Dic 2011, 3:12

    Looking forward to seeing both Alter Bridge and Soundgarden in the New Year in beautiful Sydney. Trying to scratch a few dollars and cents together for Seether as well. They are playing a small venue and I love to see bands play in intimate spaces. Soundgarden are playing the Entertainment Centre which I hate but one can't complain too much, it is near China Town and eating there before a concert is always authentic and cool.

    Black Sabbath are also on their way out for a visit next year, going to hit that show with friends! Can't wait to see all the old rockers out in their vintage Black Sabbath t-shirts bald heads and grey manes:) 2012 is looking grand and loud!!!!!!!

    Listening to loads of Fatso Jetson, Dozer and friends at the moment, can’t seem to turn them off to be honest. Hermano (spell) are a new and re-played favorite. Brant Bjork is ever so cool - I can't believe he has not come to my attention before this! The beauty of!

    Have decided to divorce Alice In Chains if they do not return to Sydney as promised. A promise is a promise guys and Australian’s are very serious about doing what one says one is going to do. We may have to start stalking you:)