New Year


16 Ene 2008, 11:09

And I’m back.
Early December one of my friends was killed by her Turkish boyfriend. She was a tiny 'lil thing and he is a big fella weighing about 85kg. She was severely beaten and then strangled. We had to identify the body and it was hard due to the swelling on her face. This cowardly b@$#@rd has fled, he probably took a plane back to Turkey via Germany. The Police can't find him but they're still looking.

She was a hard working girl from a good family. She came from Poland to work and make a good living for herself and to be able to send money back to her family in Poland. She didn't take the easy way, she didn't choose the sex industry but made her money the hard and honest way. She had opened a small restaurant and things were going the right seemed.

She will be greatly missed by a lot of people.

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