• Cool Digs, Vol. 1

    30 Ago 2012, 17:03

    As I start to dig further into the dusty treasure box known as the Internet, my musical discovery ability has clearly risen. I will now share the most remarkable of those discoveries I've been doing lately. Warning: this particular edition will be heavy in post-thrash metal, which may displease some people.

    Soulstorm - Darkness Visible

    Year: 1993
    Label: Metal Blade
    For fans of: Fear Factory, Godflesh, Pitchshifter

    An extremely dark and cold experience, Darkness Visible is arguably my favourite pick of these. Sounding like what Fear Factory's debut could've been if it had an emphasis in the industrial part, but still with a strong death metal feel to it, Soulstorm could have managed to become a big band in the 1990s. An unsung hero.

    Face Down - Mindfield

    Year: 1995
    Label: Roadrunner
    For fans of: Early Machine Head, Skinlab, Prong

    Hailed by the scene seventeen years ago as Sweden's answer to Machine Head, Face Down presented a more brutal brand of groove thrash than most of their contemporanies. Again, with a certain dose of death metal influence, Mindfield is an extremely intense album, and has a thick atitude. Highly recommended for fans of groove thrash.

    All Hail The Yeti - All Hail the Yeti

    Year: 2012
    Label: AFM
    For fans of: Early Mastodon, Down, Soilent Green

    Rather akin to a more accessible version of Soilent Green, AHTY's style seems to meld sludge metal with metalcore, with plenty of clean vocal use combined with more aggressive singing. The fact that they're from Los Angeles may be a turn-off, but hey, they're almost as great as most similar acts from Louisiana.

    Dearly Beheaded - Temptation

    Year: 1996
    Label: Fierce
    For fans of: Phil Anselmo-era Pantera, Prong, Exhorder

    Dearly Beheaded may have played groove thrash (a kind of metal associated more with the USA than the UK), and may have been influenced mostly by American acts, but it doesn't take too much to understand that these guys are in fact British. Pity these guys broke up after two albums, they could've been the face of British underground metal.

    Pissing Razors - Pissing Razors

    Year: 1998
    Label: Noise
    For fans of: Phil Anselmo-era Pantera, Fear Factory, early Machine Head

    I know what you're thinking and that this isn't exactly an obscure record, but I honestly had never heard of this band until recently. Albeit somewhat generic, this still manages to be a fairly solid record, especially considering that it was already released in the Nü Era.

    So this is it for now. Thanks to, the Metal Archives and Blast Beat Network. I hope that you found something here you hadn't heard of before.