5000th artist added to library amazing awesome background sounds like barbie detective badass cover basically describes my life better than john mayer boo-urns boten anna cover brings me to the next level of hope can do no wrong can title for the dark knight candy-pop comedic genius craptacular compaired to what they once were creep-tastic crispin glover sang it better epic every song is the same every song needs moar drums like this fan-freakin-tastic fantasmal fantastic hook or break fucking horrible fucking shit genius go cat-armor go god awful boring as hell utter shit with no redeeming qualities god-like gods of the guitar greatest cover ever greatest director of all time greatest song ever made greatest song ever made by any band that ever existed or will ever exist greatest song in the world greatest stereo song ever made has only one good song hauntingly beautiful hilarious as fuck how i feel december 2nd 2007 hysterical i totally fell out of a window to this song incredibly epic interviewed them jumpstyle just plain awful but i listen to it anyway making money off other peoples free work met most amazing christmas song ever movietunes not memorable back in 2007 on true blood one good song because it sounds like english frieza one of the only good things to come from canada other than ellen page only good karaoke song ever made only good radiohead song opposite of tay zonday really bad reggae feel sad second most amazing christmas song ever seen live self proclaimed genius shook his brilliant hand so canadian its not funny songs that take my breath away sort of sucks sounds like crispin hellion glover sounds like eiffel 65 a bit sounds like elo so much it probably is sounds like gigi d agostino sucked live back in 2007 sucks super sucks tempest that is why they are so boring- they are canadian third most amazing christmas song ever this song pisses me off totally 1st assistant directed their music video totally 2nd assistant directed their music video totally 2nd unit 1st assistant directed their music video totally camera assisted their music video totally camera operated his live concert totally camera operated their live concert totally camera operated their live performance totally directed her music video totally floor directed his performance totally gaffed his music video totally media managed their music video totally production coordinated their live performance totally script-suped their music video totally shader-ed their live television performance totally utilizes the dual speaker system totally was jib team for their music video u-u-u-aua undeniably the greatest song to ever grace us with its presence here on this earth… unimaginable brilliance unique vocalist vomit inducing what a wicked thing to do- to make me dream of you will listen to someday