• Astral 2

    25 Abr 2012, 17:59

    You dont have to come to space if it comes by itself =)

    well... what to say.. That was really AWESOME athmospheric instrumental festival with great bands: Exxasens [ES], The American Dollar [USA], I Am Waiting for You Last Summer [RU] and Iceberg Theory [RU]. Of course I saw in Tele-Club such the great bands like 65dos, God As An Astronaut, however, this time it was A FESTIVAL!!! More than 4 hour of wonderful instrumental and post-rock music!!
    Our guys (bands from Russia) were really great! IWFYLS uses some dub-step, but it's really OK. Glad to see those talanted russian bands, but what was more waited - Exxasens and The American Dollar!
    Exxasens were like a bomb! No... Like a Big Bang, you know! I suppose, guys were surprised when ppl started to repeat "EXXASENS EXXASENS" BEFORE they started to play) And I have to say, they deserve all this support and love! Their perfomance was like a space trip =) I were dancing all the time, and jumping of course =) More over, guys from Exxasens are VERY nice people!
    What about The American Dollar , so.. They are different.... It was like we'd come down to the ground (I mean Earth)... and their music and videos were about our life, our beautiful planet. It was great! Not for jumping, but for thinking and enjoying=)
    That was our first expirience with Astral Festival № 2 and I HOPE not the last)))

    P.S. And I wanted to say it's pity that two other bands which were going to be here couldn't come. But it's a good reason to wait for him next time)

    With all my love to music,
    With sorries for mistakes in English,

    This is for my collection ^_^

    That's me with some guys from Exxasens *O*

    And with that always smiling Cesc :)