• New Albums for the New Year!

    12 Ene 2010, 16:56

    Hey Rocker Friends,

    How are things going? Happy New Year to one and all.

    A few of us got our mitts on some new albums over the holidays (courtesy of loving family and friends who understand our tastes). A few more of us (well, me) decided to just "borrow" music from other Community team members ::cough, Mr. Pope, cough::

    We're curious - what have you discovered/rediscovered in the short time we've had in this new decade?

    For me, well it's a very mixed bag - I'm relistening to my old Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton records, but also exploring the catalog of the dulcet Cattle Decapitation. I've also been grooving to more bluesy/R&B stylings of groups like Noisettes and one Mr. Mayer Hawthorne.

    What have you all been listening to? What's your soundtrack to 2010?

    Love peace and veggie grease,

  • Halloween! (music picks with Thrasher)

    20 Oct 2009, 19:15

    Hey ghouls and gals,

    It's been awhile hasn't it? Are you all getting nice and undead for the coming holiday?

    Me, I've been at work on my usual Halloween mixes. This year I'm also working on a snazzy RB setlist to play with my friends.

    As for in-game tracks, my favorite, seasonally appropriate, tracks include:
    "Wolf Like Me" TV on the Radio
    "Re: Your Brains" Jonathan Coulton
    "Don't Fear the Reaper" BOC
    "Panic Attack" Dream Theater
    "Waking the Demon"
    "Hammer Smashed Face" Cannibal Corpse
    "Run to the Hills" Iron Maiden
    "Hier Kommt Alex" Die Toten Hosen (get someone to translate some of the lyrics for you)
    "Wake up Dead" Megadeth
    "Hungry Like the Wolf" Duran Duran
    "Miss Murder" AFI
    "Nightmare" Crooked X

    and of course, the Zombies pack...

    (I've got werewolves, zombies, nightmares, demons covered - am I missing anything?)

    What about you? Plans for Halloween? RB tracks you know you'll be rocking?

    Let us know - and have a lovely, I uh, mean terrifying, Halloween!
  • Upcoming Excellence!

    9 Jul 2009, 15:57

    If you're going to be in the Boston area at all this summer there are loads of amazing things happening!

    We're still going strong at Improv Boston (third Thursday of every month) and we've got a killer show coming up on July 26 at Boston's Great Scott. HMXTheBestSteph will be laying the smackdown with the Boston League of Women Wrestlers and a HUGE line up of HMX bands will be playing (you may even see some familiar Community team faces rocking up on stage). We'll post more info about that soon...

    The Oxytocin crew are still popping up around town taking over stage spaces and expanding minds with their mellow tunes and eyepopping visuals.

    Tonight, 7/9, another HMX band, Suit of Hair will be rocking at The Middle East Upstairs - stop by around 9 if you're in the area.

    Hope your summer's rocking so far!
  • Summer is the time for shows!

    24 Jun 2009, 16:17

    Hey lords and ladies! Summer is finally here - and that means BBQs, sun (eventually), lazing, and of course, SHOWS!!

    What's on your agenda for this season?

    Some of us HMXCommunity folk will be hitting Warped Tour, Mayhem Fest, and a few other shows around the Boston area.
  • Rock Band Night at Improv Boston

    17 Jun 2009, 19:53

    It's here again! Join me (Thrasher), as well as HMXHenry and HMXPope tomorrow night at Improv Boston - 10pm for some fun and fancy-free frollicking.

    Prizes and hilarity will be in plentiful supply - along with imbibables and good company!
  • And We're Back!

    10 Jun 2009, 17:12

    E3 was wildly awesome but now we're back in the home fort holding things down...and of course tending to our shortly neglected last.fm page.

    Many thanks to all the awesome Rockband.com forum goers who kept us updated on happenings while we were out of town (and offline).
  • Shameless Plug Right Here

    27 May 2009, 20:11

    sooo if you haven't seen it already, our Community 'Zine is pretty awesome. If you're not already getting lovely twice monthly surprises in your inbox from us, then you should consider signing up:


    That is all...
  • HMXThrasher - Road Trip tunes

    26 May 2009, 20:28

    Well friends, how was your long weekend? Relaxing? Hectic? Strained? Silly?

    Mine involved a lot of last minute travel and thus found me spending a sizable chunk of my time in a rental car, cruising the highways of New England.

    Being as this whole trip was totally last minute I didn't have any time to prep some road trip mixes and thus had to rely heavily on the radio (thankfully there was some "top 500 songs of classic rock" thing happening on some local station through part of CT). On the way back I snagged some old CDs from the totally dusty CD rack in my old childhood bedroom. Happily the Aerosmith albums left over from a shortlived seventh grade obsession with the band made for some nice traveling music - especially the songs "Living on the Edge" and "Love in an Elevator."

    My three greatest road trip memories (over the many many years) involve the following artists:

    1. The Darkness - especially great for traveling through long barren roads in the south and/or getting cited for reckless driving
    2. Fleet Foxes - a must have for long winter trips (especially if a storm is about to hit you)
    3. Mindless Self Indulgence - I will not explain myself on this one - just note that these guys are great for a. scaring away townies, b. staying awake, and c. trips involving spending any time in St. Louis.

    If I'd had my choice my road trip mix this time around would have included a lot of Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden along with some Crue and maybe a smattering of Poison thrown in (for good measure of course). I probably would have brought along a Misfits album as well...you know, just in case.

    I'm now wondering, for those of you stuck traveling (or about to travel): What are your trip tunes?
  • HMXVeng - I am headed to the Maryland Death Fest today

    21 May 2009, 16:48

    Anyone who's in the Baltimore area and is headed to this most metal of music festivals should come by and say hi. I'll be the Asian dude with the beard, glasses, and a beer.
  • Rock Band Night at Improv Boston

    20 May 2009, 18:39

    Hello awesome persons of all varieties,

    We've got a killer Rock Band night happening tomorrow (Thursday) night over at Improv Boston here in Cambridge. HMXPope and Thrasher will be hanging out (along with other members of the HMX crew) - and we'd love to rock out with you. Head on over around 10pm and help us keep the festivities lively.

    Admission is $5-$7 (cheaper for students and seniors) and comes with a ticket for an imbibable of your choice (provided you're legal).

    Hope to see you there. High fives are welcome, hugs are creepy.