Did you already feel something like that?


15 Jul 2011, 12:44

Today, as it should be, it is perhaps not a special day for the rest of the world, but for me. On that date, a cycle complete itself, another cycle, the second cycle of something I really hope to never end. It comes from within, something unlike of anything I've felt, a kind of gratitude without reason, or with reason, but try to look for hidden, if possible, all the fascination is still greater.
Something moves us, and to me, it wouldn't be different. To some it's money, maybe drugs, love, the sentiments in general, all in 'maybe'. I can say, and I'm sure, what moves me is music. Music that changes me, that let me think in a more openly, wich opened horizons to me that were unexplored untill then, wich will open still more doors while I'm here. I have been through a lot more than a person my age could pass in a so-called "quiet life", but I'm not sad with that. With each new difficulty, the force is present, the strength came from what could seem more unlikely.

To thank people you didn't meet, maybe you don't ever meet, how it's strange, but is so - I don't know how to describe- disturbingly normal. ~

Two years on a paralel life, protected by words on melodies that make me realize: "beside everything you could feel, you always can go further."

2009/07/15 - 2011/07/15 : 2 years with the rose. Thank you, D. ♥
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