James with The Twang - Glasgow Carling Academy 21/04/2007


23 Abr 2007, 0:16

Sat 21 Apr – James, The Twang

Having seen James on their ‘Pleased To Meet You' tour, it was great to hear of their reformation back in January. First place for their comeback gig? Surprisingly, it wasn’t to be their hometown of Manchester. It would be the Saturday 21st in Glasgow at the Carling Academy. However, tickets sold-out for all dates in record time and an additional date was added… Friday the 20th. Now, I was under the impression that if a band was going to add extra dates they should at least arrange for them to be played after the original dates! Especially for a comeback gig! Ah well, I suppose it would be ironic that since I saw them play their second “last-ever” gig back in December 2001, that I would see their second “comeback” gig in Glasgow.

The Twang were the support and sadly they were already on stage by the time we got there. I like The Twang. They really do have a bit of a Happy Mondays mixed with Kasabian funk about them. Funnily enough, Happy Mondays supported James back in the eighties… then two years later they found themselves in the reversed role. So perhaps The Twang are destined to make it.

The James setlist… Unfortunately, with a lot of the new songs I have no idea on the titles. After many years of gig-going my hearing is a bit fucked so I couldn’t hear too clearly when Tim Booth was telling us their titles. That and the fact that there were enough indie diehards lauding and whistling at every opportunity to hear him speak. So I made them up and why not. I took a couple of words from the song and put it as its title. If you were at the gig and you do know the actual name of the song, let us know!

Come Home

Ring The Bells

Waltzing Along


New song – “Falling Down”?

New song – “Blow me away”?


New song – “Rider”? something about seven to the floor [This one reminded me so much of ‘Johnny Cash by Sons and Daughters!]

New song – “Deep Inside” / “Forever” ?

It was at this point that Tim Booth noted that the crowd were not so active during all these new songs and admitted that “this is a risky James setlist”. Indeed it was, he even had to read the lyrics from the next song from a sheet of paper. How very Shaun Ryder! Although there are reasons why Ryder had to read lyrics… not because they were new songs. No, but because he was out of his face on heroin. At least Booth gets his buzz from performing on the stage. He looked like one of these toys that you would get as a kid. The ones where it has a character standing still in a serene pose and you would press the button and its limbs would spark into life like a protester receiving the old electric baton treatment from an over-zealous policeman. Go search for that toy now, it was ace.

New song – “Go To The Land” ?

Out To Get You

Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)

New song – Chameleon

New song – “Call For Resurrection” ? – This was a weird electro-pop number. Very eighties!


Sit Down





Second Encore

“You’ve deserved this one” said Booth as they re-emerged from another t-shirt change.

She’s A Star

Say Something

Overall, it was a great performance from the James boys even though I was so disappointed not to hear my favourite three classic James songs; Just Like Fred Astaire, Dumb Jam and Afro Lover. Afro Lover would have been a highly appropriate one to finish on considering the fact that I walked into the Carling with a straight emo fringe and walked out looking like a younger version of Tommy-era Roger Daltrey. They really should get some fans in that place, it was hotter than Hades.

We’re going to miss you when you’re gone? Yes we did but now they’re back and this time they know what they’re here for. If you’re going to T In The Park, make seeing James a priority.


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