Peter Wolf Crier delivers folky, tribal rock with warped sounds, layered vocals and…


19 Sep 2011, 0:07

Artist: Peter Wolf Crier
Album: Garden of Arms
Label: Jagjaguwar

[Excerpt from our review on Groovemine]

Peter Wolf Crier, the Minneapolis-based folk-rock duo behind Garden of Arms, are not afraid to experiment. In any track by Peter Pisano and Brian Moen, one can expect to hear sonics and warped instrument sounds, layered vocals (that aren’t saying the same thing), and plenty of percussion. The result is folky, tribal, but still something palatable to a pop audience.

The album opener provides of wonder introduction: “Right Away,” begins with this warped piano sound, adding Pisano’s repetitive, chanted verses. Featuring concise lyrics like “Right away you are the one,” the track really relies on the instrumental backing to provide interest. As the duo layer on a looped drum beat, shrill keyboards and plenty of tambourine, the song becomes richer, like a fuzzier, less electronicYeasayer track. The following track...

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