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29 Abr 2007, 11:21

So I decided to try and get my little brother into some music. When I was around 10 my cousin got me into stuff like the prodigy and early dance and house which influenced me when I used to tape off the radio :D

Anyway my little brothers 12 turning 13 and is a blank canvas, my little sister is an emo and I dont want her bleeding the disease into his ears. I did make him a Drum n Bass CD which he adored however.

I made him this Mix CD for his paper round to try and electrify his mind

1. Ace of Clubs - Classid 1
2. Aphex Twin - 4
3. London Elektricity - The Strangest Secret in the World
4. Cyantific - Ghetto Blaster
5. Drop the Lime - Butterscotch
6. Michael Mayer - Frank West - 2nd Booty
7. Johannes Heil - Play
8. Surkin - Radio Fireworks
9. Spac Hand Luke - Psycho
10. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
11. SpongeBob & Patrick - Now That We're Men
12. Mr Bungle - Golem II The Bionic Vapour Boy
13. Spank Rock - Sweet Talk
14. Luke Vibert - Acid2000
15. Cyantific - Don't Follow feat. Diane Charl
16. Dead Calm - Searchin'
17. Concord Dawn - You Don't Have to Run

And I'm going to Valve soundsystem tour this Thursday. Andy C, Pendulum, London Elektricity, Noisia, Lemon D & Dillinja. The best drum n bass acts at the same time! SHIT HOT! Its going to take the 4 days to recover.... party at mine after too!


  • MilkyBarKid

    You do make some good mixtapes dude, wanna get me into music? =)

    30 Abr 2007, 14:38
  • Grizz

    Gimme an address and a copy of this and an exclusive CD will be on its way! (IM dude ;) )

    30 Abr 2007, 17:46
  • joycey22

    That's some serious drum n' bass acts man. Have a proper f**king night :)! Nice Like Vibert for the mix cd. Try giving him some melodies from mars, never know he may like that :)!

    2 May 2007, 0:30
  • joycey22

    Uggghhh, meant to say good luke vibert pick for the cd. J'aime faire des craquettes au chien.!!

    2 May 2007, 0:35
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