Song Of The Week - 2nd March 2009: Triumph


2 Mar 2009, 11:23

The Devin Townsend Band / "Triumph" / Synchestra (3) / Jan 2006

Artist: The Devin Townsend Band
Original Album: Synchestra
Track: Triumph

It's pretty transparent that I only got this album a week-and-a-bit ago since my playcount for it has rocketed. This track features a hoe-down section and a guest solo from Steve Vai, elevating it to be my favourite on the album. Devin's multi-layered vocals (and I know it's not really accurate or original to say he sings like an angel, but) sound kind of otherworldly, like a choir of twisted bi-polar angels descended from the skies and the instruments hit some soothing but still metallic grooves before Vai unleashes one of his more exotic solos that fits surprisingly well with the music but sounds very reminiscent of a couple of his recent tracks Lotus Feet and Freak Show Excess.

This track is best listened to preceded by Hypergeek, which, in turn, is best listened to preceded by opening track Let It Roll as there isn't really much of a break in the music between the tracks and it clearly flows from one track to the other, creating rather abrupt starts and stops when separated.

In other news though started doing a "Track of the Day" entry today, which they intend to keep up. They also intend to provide links to download each of their TotDs free. To kick off they've picked "Best New Scottish Band" Logan and their track Lost & Found, which on first listen is a typical early 90s grunge sounding track, not to be taken as a criticism, but well worth the free download - check it out.


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