Song Of The Day - 5th August 2008: Sole Survivor


5 Ago 2008, 21:40

Helloween / "Sole Survivor" / Master Of The Rings (2) / 1994

Artist: Helloween
Original Album: Master Of The Rings
Track: Sole Survivor

I hope I'm not deemed to be repeating myself too unnecessarily here. Although this isn't the first Helloween track I've picked, it is the first with Andi Deris. It's more or less your standard awesome rock song - lol.

Master of the Rings is a stunningly consistent album in my humble opinion. It's kind of difficult to pick a standout track from it without picking most of the CD. There may be some hints of grunge influence in what was then the 'new' Helloween sound, but on the whole it was a return to the routes and a step in the right direction towards the sound they had when Kai Hansen was still in the band. There's still a world of difference between Jericho/Keepers and post Kiske Helloween, but the more metal sound revived with this release prompted fans to vote with album and ticket sales.

Anyway, I just thought Deris deserved an entry in Song Of The Day, so here it is.


  • GrantRS

    I'm afraid I haven't either. I'd love to though. The main thing stopping me is the desire to diversify a bit more than just completing the discographies of my current top 15 artists. Having said that, I'm buying up the Ayreon back catalogue rather quickly and it was Andi's performance on To the Quasar that reminded me I needed to give some spotlight to one him. Speaking of which, I'd love for Andi and some of the others from the Universal Migrator albums to come back to Arjen for a go at one of his usual 'conversational' style albums. Anyway, I think I need to get some Masterplan albums before I go hunting down the Deris' back catalogue. I think know exactly what you mean when you're thinking of convincing yourself you're slightly evil, but Roy Khan not slightly evil? There's definitely a haunting evilness to a lot of his singing, but I can see it wouldn't likely be the right kind of evil for working out. Conversely, I've found that more mid-tempo middle of the road stuff like The Who and Extreme are the optimum workout inspirers for me. I haven't tried using Helloween for working out yet, but I will make note to try them sometime. I can definitely see Deris era Helloween working better than Kiske era, but I have been surprised by many of my other predictions. (Not going to work out to Kamelot again.)

    6 Ago 2008, 18:05
  • saronix

    Andi Deris has a style all his own, a great vocalist for sure.

    11 Ago 2008, 1:15
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