Lifelover - Konkurs(translation)


25 May 2009, 14:49

02. Mental Central Dialogue[
I can’t find any answers
- are there any answers?
I can’t find any answers
- are there any answers?
I can’t find any answers
- there are no answers!

03. Fire
I am the ash in your filled up ashtray
I am the forgotten minced meat – far back in your refrigerator
I am the fat that’s stuck on your pizza plate
I am the hair that’s stuck in your sink

You, me and my arsenal of weapons
it seems you’ve accepted your fate
the stench of your urine in my face
you coward piece of shit, if you play with matches –
there can be a fire!

04. Time of Cancer
The quiet melody of tranquility
to slowly reawaken
from a chemical slumber
new betrayals, misshapen once again

Trying to reflect
about the lost hours
but they lack meaning
is reality here
or is it in my raped mind?

Follow my dance into the realm of fog -
the domain where everything has lost its meaning

05. Convulsion
Cold and unpleasant
restless nights
meaningless and
prematurely sentenced to death

A whining, cutting silence
forty uninteresting thoughts
a chronic inner discomfort
tethered indefinitely

07. Narcotic Devotion
A torn declaration of love for;
something that warms you when you betray
something that gives everything you cannot give
something that you’ll never understand

It’s no idea any longer
don’t disturb me any more

Words don’t affect
my unhealthy, ruined inner self
don’t try to say anything to me
the monotony made me realize,
that reality is no place for me

08. Always - Never
I’m sitting here, shaking
happiness and despair combined
like watered out lemonade
the stranglehold that life has around my neck
has momentarily loosened, and I can finally breathe
for the first time in what feels
like an eternity I feel happy
beleaguered and relieved at the same time

I’m shaking from the euphoria that’s tearing and scratching me,
I want to get away from here, to some place
where light and shadows live in harmony
and dance the waltz of life with me until I die

Come and dance with me, let’s sing together
jump around in the forest clearings, laughing
and for a moment just exist
for nothing, just nothing
the complete omission
of everything, is simply everything, at this moment, at that moment
Always, never

09. Closed due to vacation
We’re going on vacation, to live our lives,
leave all the usual
and grey things behind us
away from the city, its exhaust fumes
and the hordes of people
to finally end up
at some cheap place
where, ironically, the same kind of
society can be found

But at least, here we can
forget all our duties
and take part in the social diversity
and enjoy our existences,
for it is in the end, this
that’s the meaning of life

Who need to be happy about their selves
when we can laugh at others?
who needs a purpose
when it’s all dried up and lacks meaning?
who needs to say “I feel good”
when the surface is what counts?

Yeah, we’re having such a good time in the backseat of the car

We’re all going to laugh and dance
into the lukewarm summer night
the last chance could be now
who can trust tomorrow
when we have the present?

Before I left, I planted bombs
where you feel most secure
I won’t return

11. Bitter reflection
I’m watching as you’re all drying up
in a soulless imaginationlessness
a practiced way to slowly die
mediocre repetition

But, my journey away from here isn’t happy
my negation will be your medal
I leave a cloud of
disappointment, doubt, and wonder behind me
while you try to find your meaning,
in a world where no new ground can be broken

12. My wing (hospital wing)
An illusion to which your madness has brought you
let yourself be blessed by the distance to the world around you
dance through the bitter gateway
escape into the realm of happiness

Tethered by my will
unable to move
your disgusting smile is twisting
nails against your skin, razorblades against your lips
I didn’t keep my promise, but welcome to my haven

13. The nail in the coffin
Drown yourself in your sentimental clichés
put me on a plane and crash it into the northern ice sea
I don’t have the will to hear it anymore, to do anymore, to exist anymore
put me in a rickety boat without any oars, and let the waves
and the coldness tear me, ruin me, sink me

Place me naked on a back street in December
I look for fights just to get injured
I provoke, just to get killed, dismembered, annihilated
nothing happens, I get nowhere, all is lost
haha, everything is shit, and you think it’s so cool

The man I once was is gone
I burn all my memories, and flush the ashes down the toilet
oh, I’m sorry, did I sound sentimental?
your braindead opinion means nothing

There is nothing cool to find in this state of mind. I am a paranoid, deranged and pathetic human being
but on the other hand, you’re just as pathetic
but please, forget about me, I’m history

14. A minute of silence


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