• Not alone in my loneliness - Morrissey rides again

    24 May 2014, 14:59

    Tue 20 May – Morrissey, Kristeen Young

    Kristeen Young started out rather loud and annoying banging on her piano and cooing through a couple of songs...then things started to click. She started playing the keyboard and the songs became more interesting. She reminded me of Lene Lovich, Nina Hagen and Missing Persons.

    Going to a Morrissey show with no camera allowed - very sad, but one must live in the moment and Morrissey created inspiring moments throughout the show. The balcony at Liberty Hall is wonderful seating for prime views of the artist. I was worried having never been there but it was much closer than I expected and with no encumberments to block my view of Morrissey it was awesome! Morrissey gave a flawless inspired performance that left me wanting to be a vegan and follow him around the world. It felt like Church. I was speechless for about an hour afterwards and then couldn't stop talking about the show. Second time to see him but a once in a lifetime experience both times :-)
  • awe inspiring

    20 May 2014, 6:58

    Mon 19 May – Little Green Cars was the best intimate show I have seen in years. From the reverant quite beginning to the loud and raucous midpoint the audience was swept up in their embracing spell. Little Green Cars' members are so confident, gracious and humbly talented that you feel drawn straight Into the most tender and personal songs. It could be embarrassing but they manage to make you feel safe. The only way this show could have been better is if they had never left the stage and just started again at the beginning.
  • Classic vocalist in top form

    23 Feb 2014, 6:19

    Sat 22 Feb – Helen Reddy About three bars into the first song I realized her voice was as good as ever! A very eloquent show which brought back tons of memories and added a few too. Angie Baby was exceptional as she really brought it to life. Though she had a few issues between songs, she chalked it up to short term memory loss, once she started singing she didn't miss a lick. I am so thankful she came close enough for me to have the opportunity to see her.
  • Sex on a stick

    18 Mar 2011, 18:39

    Wed 16 Mar – Scissor Sisters

    Incredible show - fantastic energy. I ended up having to buy a second set of tickets because we traveled from Rogers, AR only to find we had missed packing them. And still I felt the show was well worth it!! They seemed genuinely happy to be in Tulsa and playing for what must be a smaller crowd than usual - The crowd was certainly happy to have them here - even on a Wednesday there was a strong party atmosphere. And yes Jake was cute as hell and sexy as &^$* - much beefier than I expected - I loved the part of the show where Ana challenged everyone to put away their gadgets and just get into the moment for one full song - and it was awesome.
    I also loved the hotel I was in - Holiday Inn Town Center - walking distance to Cains Ballroom - and just clean, welcoming, and nicely decorated (for a hotel). The Tulsa Eagle afterparty was nice - again it was Wednesday so I didn't expect a huge crowd, but they were a happy bunch and the drinks were good.
  • By Kind Permission

    14 Oct 2010, 2:56

    My lover's dead

    His fate unknown

    I wish I could

    Murder in reverse

    I don't enjoy

    This being alone

    "Seek and find",

    My lover's words

    But betray his love

    I'd rather die

    It's true, so true

    I hate to sleep alone

    Torment haunts my bleeding head

    If I take another man to bed

    I don't believe I'll feel again
    The way I've felt with Adrian...

    so these words I use,

    the last he wrote

    by kind permission...good-

    29 Sep 2010, 19:24

    I look to the sky this clear blue day
    To see that which is what I may
    And what I see, this much is true
    Is but this; an image of you
    This vision of course, lies not in sky
    For sure, 'tis born of my mind's eye
    'Tis madness to see what is not there?
    But for me to see is all I care
    For my hope lies all in my eyes
    And what they see within the skies

    2 Sep 2010, 17:48

    I walk along the street today
    And look to see what comes my way
    And what I see is something new
    A man whose eyes aren't just blue
    They are not green, they are not brown
    They ought to be worn by a clown
    Here they are I cannot deny
    This man with multicolored eyes

    With his own form of Kodachrome
    He fits no one's standard form

    He does not try to resist
    But always does he persist
    To be what you see within his eyes
    Means that his soul surely flies
    And as he flies into the skies
    He looks to us below and cries

    For we cannot be with him in his skies
    Alone. is the man with multicolored eyes
  • Chase Rocks

    24 Oct 2009, 18:46

    Wed 21 Oct – Chase Pagan, Bear Colony, O'Brother

    Saw the show - Chase is amazing - but his set was too short and I scratch my head wondering why he is the opening act, why such a short set?? I'd really like to see him as the headliner - Wanted to stay for Bear Colony but the hour was too late (Hey - it is Wednesday and people have to work) and I couldn't stand staying around while O Brother was playing - just too loud for loudness sake - so I don't know if Chase played with Bear Colony or not ...
  • A Night Out (actually two)

    8 Oct 2009, 15:14

    Fri 2 Oct – Ravenwood Festival 2009: Neo-Victorian Cabaret

    I assumed start time around 7pm but when I arrived Friday I found nothing going on yet so I left and came back around 8:30 and found some fire twirlers and not much else - no sound?? - seems there were some cables missing and the sound guy was late....well I sat at the bar and started drinking scotch. Sometime later, not too much later, the sound began and the lights were dimmed. ESPerMachine was good, though the crowd was thin and seemed edgy and distracted. Ex-Voto was a nice change of pace for Fayetteville but after several scotches I was feeling a bit worn and weary and didn't stay for the full set.

    Saturday I met a friend for dinner and when asked what time the bands started I had to admit that there was no information about start time on any posters or on the web or anywhere else that I could find. So we both figured with the number of bands and DJs that it would have to start by 8 at the latest..... well - NO - when we got there we were told the doors wouldn't be open until 9 - so irritably we left and found diversion until time had passed and we returned. So we walked around, looked at the vendor booths, and found a place to hang. Time passed - more time passed....DJs started up in mini-sets and were there a gone in a blur of a few songs - then the Spider Lilies finally hit the stage. I wasn't expecting much, but the first song was not very good at all - the singer seemed to be really off her mark...but each song was an improvement and I was starting to really like them and they were done... the curse of an opening slot compounded with the late slot... Next the reason for coming for me The Hellblinki Sextet! And they were awesome from the first note. They really know how to work that stage and for three people they could make more noise than was believable. The only problem I had was the crowd was divided after about 5 songs and the night was passing and I think they weren't necessarily wanting Hellblinki to stop but they wanted Abney Park to have more time and was passing midnight. Lucky for me they played several more songs including a spirited yet odd cover of "Push It" in honor of Abney Parks travel arrangements. Surprisingly the Tribal Fusion Belly-Dancers took the stage and kept it for a very long time.... I'll say no more about that.

    So in short what I liked:
    Goth and/or Steampunk events are few and far between so kudos for having one.
    Venue was handled and decorated well for the last minute change.
    Bartenders good looking and quick with the drinks.
    Crowd was into it
    DJs picked there few songs well and had people pumped
    The Hellblinki Sextet were the most awesome-est!
    Spider Lilies came in second for me
    ESPerMachine just in at thrid
    Ex-Voto was good but I was tired and tanked and can't rank them fairly
    I am sure Abney Park rocked but since I wasn't there then...
    Dancers with glow sticks, globes etc were cool
    Fire twirlers also cool
    Super job of soliciting performers and vendors and all - amazing line up yet again!

    To be improved (In my opinion):
    Time schedule!! I understand about Friday with the mishaps - but Saturday starting so late... and to have the bands bunched up there at the end with so little time left - I assume some of this may have been leftover problems from the night before - but why not even opening the doors until 9? I just didn't get that. So much pre-event effort and the execution on the days off the event seemed chaotic and rushed. At least from my perspective the bands and participants didn't show any annoyance and had good spirits for the crowd. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I would like more "meat" earlier and leave some time open at the end for flexibility for the younger night owls. Concerts, in my experience, start around 8 and end around 11:30 and that's generally and opening band and main event. So with more bands I would have started earlier and tried to keep that later time estimate no later than 12:30 so the night could round out with DJ dancing and band mingling etc.

    My only other concern was attendance - as with prior events I was astounded by the quality of artists and the lack of a larger crowd. Was this crowd large enough to make the event profitable? How to get more people there? Do the promoters spend too much effort preaching to the converted and not enough trying to reach out to new converts? Would doing that bring the wrong vibe to the event by having more voyeurs than participants? I'm not involved in these discussion and/or decisions so these are just thoughts flung out there. I am just hopeful that this was enough to make it possible for there to be another.

    Thanks to those who put this event together, to those that performed, and to the eclectic and vibrant attendees - I wish I knew you better.
  • Thursday May 21, 2009

    21 May 2009, 22:37

    The Marquee is a nice venue. I really liked the setting and the staff were all very upbeat and friendly. Nice to be at an all ages show but be able to access a bar - enlightened community.
    The opening acts were disappointing - Dominin was just boring and I AM GHOST was just not my kinda band - The Birthday Massacre were awesome - though I think they lost energy due to the small, rather lackluster crowd - probably around 100 people there - not much to feed off of - and they were rather gawkish - would rather stare at the band than dance and get into it.
    The Downtown Plaza Hotel was a good night's rest - clean and spacious. Doing some remodeling so the Restaurant was closed and too early for the outdoor pool to be open - but I would visit them again.
    Eating out was a joy because I love food from different cultures and got to sample some dishes unavailable at home.
    Leena's Mediterranean Grill - excellent Falafel
    India Palace - Out of this world!! Great place to take a date

    Will definitely be going back - Tulsa is easy to navigate and not even 2 hours away - Nice to go alone and be on my own schedule. No pressure to go out every night or try and keep someone else entertained. May try to be more social next time.