20 Dic 2011, 3:26

It has been a long since I've written a journal entry. Sadly, this entry has less to do with music that with the technology supplying the sweet beats to us and how they are advertised.

Before I begin, I would like to ask, do you find any satisfaction, perhaps even the slightest bit, from the music player you use... as if it is an extension of your personality... You know...

People who use winamp are like...
People who use Lala are like...
People who use (insert random player here) are like...
But I use (insert your favorite player here) because (reason 1, 2, 3,... n)

Yeah, I thought so. I'm the same way.

So, since the iPhone garnered mass public approval in the form of purchases, the smart phone market changed for the better. Soon every tech company was vying for a piece of the iPh... smart phone market whilst consumers wanted the phones and the social status that came attached. (Maybe not, but... w/e) One could actually scrobble music from their (i)Phone and declare to the world that they had just listened to (insert some random track performed by some group who's name begins with "My ...") on an iPhone. Well, I for one found it both cool and cheeky. But more on that later. Then many years later, where many had failed, Samsung came along and created a phone that was simply dubbed the "iPhone Killah by its small lot of devotees. The Samsung Galaxy sII Skyrocket was born. So, when I walked into the local AT&T shop in search of a new phone, I had a choice between an iPhone or the iPhone Killah. Naturally, I chose the Killah. Soon after, and began listening, scrobbling and uploading music to and from my phone and Google Music (I already had a lot of junk there from way back, but...)

I then logged online to check my profile to bask in that satisfaction that I would be announcing to the world that I am scrobbling not from an iPhone, but the Samsung "iPhone Killah" Galaxy sII Skyrocket.

But when Firefox loaded the page, I was crushed.... Scrobbling now from Android.

No mention of my phone... just the operating system.


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