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27 Jun 2010, 17:40

A Brief Compendium of Doom, Doom Related Things & a Doom Hall of Fame (or Possibly Shame)

I realised recently that I have a fetish. Not the game, or the music genre, specifically. Pretty much just the word. As far as words go, it ranks up there with other top favourites such as the Simpson's-coined yoink. In fact, if a band named themselves or a song some variation of phrase using both words, I'd love them forever, even if their music sucked.

Some suggestions to consider, just in case some as-yet nameless group is reading:

I Yoinked Your Doom or Yoink My Doom
Doom Yoinkage or Yoinked Doom
All Your Doom is Yoinked or All My Yoinks are Doomed

The list is truly endless.

So, to answer Shakespeare's centuries-old question What's in a name?

Everything, if it has the word Doom in it. Observe:


Camel of Doom
Actually worth listening to - Camel of Doom gets my approval.

Billy™ and the Floating Eyeball of DOOM
Makes it purely because doom is in caps.

Nynja Doom
Ninja reference + Doom should make this the most awesome thing ever. With a song called Awesome as me it appears Nynja Doom thinks so too. Is it? Probably not.

Necrowyzzardyng Antychryst of Eternal night of northern Doom
Full marks for the name and a couple of bonus points for the Spongebob reference I spotted in amongst the track titles.

The Crazy Laughing Monkey Heads of Doom
I saw one of those just the other day. It was making toast.

Tentacles of Doom
You really don't want to know the kind of imagery that name creates in my mind.

Doom. Squirrel. Makes sense.

Snow Lark on the Temple Mt. Doom
Nice name, actually. I've bookmarked these guys to check out later. Just because they have Natural Snow Buildings in their similar artists.

The Crack of Doom
Makes me wonder if doom is a plumber. I guess I'd probably feel the embodiment of doomed if I was a plumber.


The Cuckoo Clock of Doom by Dr. Acula
I want one. Seriously.

Doom! Doom! Doom! by Latterman
3 X as much doom must equal 3 X as much awesome.

Love gained through satanic pumpkin pies of doom by Project SoundRape
Theirs is a special kind of love, obviously.

Doom, Folk, Rock, Dark, Fuck? by Frykless
The monkey head that was making toast tried to use that as a pick-up line.

Chess Club Nerds Unite To Build Mecha-Omega-Mega-Mega-Bot Of Doom by Frost.Ice
A mega-mega bot. Damn.

True Acoustic Funeral Doom Black Metal For The Glory Of Nei by Inverted Knights Of Zumgoroth
I dunno who or what Nei is, but I wish I could inspire true acoustic funeral doom black metal for my own glory. >_>

My list would have been longer, but in the 1200+ pages of artists, songs and albums containing the word Doom, only about 5 of them weren't MF DOOM or MF Doom related. Also, why are nearly all the bands and songs some variation or sub-genre of or ? Gimme some doom-themed or - I'd even take a barber shop quintet of doom or summat, just for something different.

As you can see below with the greatest doom song ever written, all variations of doom are awesome.*

*Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I can not actually endorse or condone the listening to or of any of the above artists and songs. Mostly because I didn't listen to them myself - it's all about the doom.


  • FrostdotIce

    I have a doom fetish aswell, I wonder if all the other artists you mentioned suffer from this.

    29 Jun 2010, 19:05
  • plasticbag6

    It's a perfectly cromulent word.

    2 Jul 2010, 2:54
  • Gone_Wishing

    Absolutely. It embiggens us all.

    2 Jul 2010, 2:58
  • LolloBot

    This is Inverted Knights Of Zumgoroth's singer. Nei is a friend of ours we worship as a god (for He actually IS God), and we mention him in a crapload of songs just to annoy him.

    3 Ago 2010, 12:11
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