The musical pirate life for me


18 Feb 2007, 14:10

Pirate journal, 18th of February

Another day, stuck on me ship, no idea where I'm heading, but I know it's probably pointless anyways. Last night I was in my cabin to, just like most of the nights, sitting there watching the waves go by and enjoying some fresh brews to make me feel less lonely.

How I eny those other captains. The constant battle over other ships, abandoning, plundering. Tons of missions. Getting rich. And feasting like mad men.

When I look at me crew I see them getting more dull every time and I'm losing me control over them. They don't need me. If they did they'd already got me out of this little room of mine. It's only a matter of time before they'll all jump overboard and letting me ship alone the rest of the way. I remember when they where all true and loyal to me, a whole life ahead of us... the good life... What's become of us? I wish we could go back to the start of this.. everlasting trip.

The only thing I've got is the sea and the islands we pass. All different, telling me stories. The crew doesn't care for them, they've all found their places. Me, I'm still discovering every day. Such different styles and cultures. Very few times I see a lost ship, including a captain.. he looks the same as me trying to discover new things. Then I wave to him as a sign of good luck for him and his men.

I feel there's a storm coming up...


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