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I Don't Do Nudes and im not gay!!!
IDGAF About:
*What You Think About Me
*If You Like Me Or Not
*Your Opinions
*What You Say
*If I Don't Impress You
*Your Problems (I'll Be A Friend But Don't Expect Me To Solve Everything For You)
*If You Don't Like What I Do
*Your Negativity
*Your Religious Bullshit
*If You Smoke/Drink (People Do Their Own Thing)
*If You Think You're The Shit (You're Probably Not)
*If You Have A Million Bucks (Money Isn't Everything)
*If You Think I'm Mean (I Know I'm Not)
*If You Think I'm Not Your Type (You're Probably Not Even Mine)
*If You Think I'm Hot, Sexy, Cute (Because I Know I'm Not)
*Your Lies
*Where You're From Or Who You Are (I'll Still Talk To You)
*Your Drama
*If You Think I Take Forever To Reply (I Have A Life Outside This World)
I'm Not A Mean Person I'm Just Very Blunt & I Tend To Speak My Mind DISLIKE> Cheaters, Whores, Twilight, Smart Asses, Animal Abusers, War,, Ass Holes, Chick Flicks, Anime, Conceded People, Stereotypes, Shit Talkers, Barbie Wannabes, Bitches, Sluts, Obsessive BFs/GFs, Users, People That Try Talking To You By Calling You Hot, People With High Pitched Annoying Girly Voices That Make You Wonder If You Should Run Or Just Stay Where You Are & Hope It Goes Away, People That Think "Emo, Goth, Scene, Ect" Is Actually A Style, Black Veil Bride, Liars, Two Faced People, Criticizers, Heart Breakers, Fakes, Girls That Think Acting Stupid Is Cute [It's Fucking Annoying], Stalkers, Guys That Think Showing Off Their Body Is Hot, People That Add & Don't Talk, Obnoxious Laughs, Egg, Sea Food, People Who Can't Take A Joke, Immature People, Posers, Drama, Hello Kitty, Abortion, Screaming Kids, Labels,!d!0+ P30pl3 +h@+ +@|k |!k3 d!$ (either talk to me right or be ignored:3), Never Shout Never, People Who Complain About Being Bored, The Human Race LIKEs>> Likes
Musicians♥, Bats, Sex (Not A Whore),Girls, Biting, Fluffy Things, Hugs, Cuddling, The Colors Screamo, Texting, Hairstyling, Moshing,Zombies, Girls With Cute Smiles, Girls With Cute Cheeks, Fluffy Things, Parks, Pandas, Penguins, Music, Meeting New People, Randomness, Weirdness, Talking On The Phone Late At Night, Chilling, Sleeping, My HTC with google, Piercings, Tattoos, Kissing In The Rain, Relaxing, Rainy Days, Concerts, Road Trips To No Where, Puppies, Break Downs, Gore, Any Movie Where I Can See Something Torn Apart, Falling Asleep On The Phone With Someone, Laying In Bed Next To My Window With The Music Playing During A Thunder Storm, Cookies, Laughing, Italian Food, Long Relationships

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