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26 Ene 2009, 21:02

Okay, things are looking very exciting musically. Right, who should I start with?

Utada Hikaru has finally come out of hibernation, transformed into Utada and actually is going to give us some new matieral, in the form a new english album! Seriously, I was getting really annoyed when she kept releasing stuff like Prisoner Of Love. Don't get me wrong, I love the song, but she's already released it on her album. I wanted something new. And now I'm gonna get it! Yay! At first, I thought this was going to sound really bad, a new english album, considering how much I disliked Exodus (Yes, I did give it a chance but it didn't stick with me D:) but actually, Come Back To Me is one of my fave tracks now! (It's already got 400+ plays on my iPod lol)

Also, Tsunku is back composing for morning musume!!! Nai Chau Kamo actually sounds MM-ish, rather than all the cover stuff they've been doing recently. Some facts I picked up from the PV: 1) Junjun is the most energetic dancer in MM. Seriously, look at her dancing, she seems to put more energy into it. 2) Reina's legs look kinda fat and stubby in fishnets (XD Don't flame me please). 3) Junjun is actually a very good actor. Why? Well, she seems to be the most convincing in the crying scenes. 4) Aichan needs a hair cut. What? Her hair round her face like that just looks ugly... 5) Aichan can actually act 2 different ages. She acts so mature and more like her age in the PV, yet in Q.E.D. (The drama which she starred in and is currently showing) she actually does act like a 17 year old... Weird O.o

Speaking of Q.E.D. I've fallen for Aichan again. She's sooooooooooooo energetic and she portrays Kana perfectly. If she ever leaves MM (God forbid!!!) then she would make a great actor! Yes, you can tell I've been watching the show lol. And yes, I love it! Touma is kinda cool too.

And fitting in with Q.E.D., 青山テルマ is back in my sights again, this time with the theme tune to the show, called 'Konno Mama Zutto'. Nice preview from what I hear at the end of the show, can't wait for the single in March!

Finally, ai otsuka is also on the rise in my iPod playing charts. Why? Well, I... *cough* got hold of... *cough* some of her PVs and the one that really attracted me? Smiley!!! XD

Well, it's gonna be an exciting year... Hopefully XD


  • FamousAlchemist

    I also heard that Tsunku composed a song for Jero.

    8 Feb 2009, 17:09
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