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9 Mar 2008, 21:35

We know that last week was quite a pain because our charts came very late, and I saw quite a lot of people whining about not being able to get their weekly chart on Monday in forums, groups, even complaining to LAST.HQ.

I, myself, quite curious why should the chart be very late as actually the chart data themselves are (always) already available in Audioscrobbler web services on Sunday.

So actually we can get our weekly charts earlier, although it's just raw XML data, but more than enough for a spoiler LOL I know some smart people already know this trick, basically it's this link:


The above link is to get my weekly chart for the week ending on 9 March 2008 (which is, at the time I'm writing this, still unavailable on my page)

How to get Yours

First, just copy the link above and paste it in Your browser address field, replace the text "Fulvian" with Your username, that's it. Note that it's only for this week chart, for future weekly charts, read on...

The link above has 2 parameters, the first one is 1204459200 ("from" parameter) it's the start of the week (Sunday, 12:00 midday in UTC/GMT) in UNIX time format

The second parameter is 1205064000 ("to" parameter), it's the end of the week which is also the start of the next week (also Sunday, 12:00 midday in UTC/GMT) in UNIX time format

What the hell is UNIX time format?

It's basically the time in seconds that has elapsed since January 1, 1970 midnight. There's an online tool to convert time and date to UNIX time and vice versa, it's here

How about the next week?

The full 24x7 week is 604800 seconds long, so to get Your weekly chart on next Sunday, just move the value that was previously in "to" parameter (let's say 1205064000) to the "from" parameter, and add 604800 to that value (1205064000 + 604800 = 1205668800) and place it in the "from" parameter, so the link for next week chart spoiler:


Just do the same for subsequent weeks, every week adds 604800 seconds,

Any question just feel free to ask and stop whining about charts coming late, no system is flawless!!


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