• Foster The People

    12 May 2012, 17:24

    Sun 6 May – Foster the People, Mini Mansions

    I came in during the supporting act, Mini Mansions. A pretty cool band, definitely worth being the supporting act for FTP.

    After having everything stuffed away in the lockers, quick stop at toilet it was time for the real deal.

    This event was superb. They performed in Belgium in 2011 already and I heard quite some negative feedback from their performance. They become more popular by the day since their single Pumped Up Kicks and I couldn't wait to see them.

    The location was so good, great sound, sweet visuals/lights. And the atmosphere was SO good. I never expected it to be that good, but the entire crowd was jumping up and down and cheering during the entire show.

    Whenever you get the chance to see these guys, go for it. They are totally worth the money, travel, whatever it takes to see them.

    I really had a blast, thumbs up FTP !