2deep4u 2kvlt4u 2swag4u 80's acoustic adult swim ambient antipostindiethrashrockfolkpopcolonialcore art funkbop awesome baroque pop beats better than your favorite artist better than your music black acid house folk metal bro-fi brostep casio core casiocore chillout christian music im okay with comedy dark ambient dat time signature deconstructing avril lavigne doom metal influenced free jazz dorkcore dream pop dreamy drone electronica elmo oxygen estonian female vocalist fly like an airplane foreboding fucking science funkbop godcore good lessons for the children grand rapids harmonically complex he pissed on an atari and called it music house i listen to this alone so that nobody will laugh at me i was listening to this artist waaaaay before you because i try out new music before… in g major indie pop instrumental instrumental hip-hop jazz latin melancholy michigan midi nintendo noise noise pop offically shit office moods oh me she gan orchestral piano pizza-core please die post-avant jazzcore post-bop surf metal post-experimental post-experimental jazz post-hipstercore post-music post-space drone progressive dreamfunk progressive post-avantcore punk i guess rap real dubstep real vaporwave shit retro shoegaze snes speednoise sunshine pop swag synth synth pop this is not jazz tr00 kvlt christraping blaek metel with the most blasphemous lyrics written by… trippy true norwegian black metal true norwegian black metal from finland twee vaporwave vgm video game music what what the fuck am i listening to winter witch house worse than creed