Pitchfork's Top Albums 2005 Tag


27 Dic 2005, 18:18

Global TAG:
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These people's albums were not listed in Last.fm and thus have not been added. If someone wants to add to the global tag with these peoples songs (only those on the albums listed please), please do:

Young Jeezy
Dominik Eulberg
Beanie Sigel
Serena Maneesh
Sunn O)))
Alan Braxe
Love Is All

The List

50: Orthrelm OV
49: Fiery Furnaces EP
48: Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy
47: The Boy Least Likely To The Best Party Ever
46: Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine [Jon Brion Version]
45: M83 Before the Dawn Heals Us
44: Vashti Bunyan Lookaftering
43: Spoon Gimme Fiction
42: My Morning Jacket Z
41: Róisín Murphy Ruby Blue
40: Young Jeezy Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101
39: Robyn Robyn
38: Devendra Banhart Cripple Crow
37: Dominik Eulberg Kreucht & Fleucht
36: Keith Fullerton Whitman Multiples
35: The Game The Documentary
34: Silver Jews Tanglewood Numbers
33: Bloc Party Silent Alarm
32: Beanie Sigel The B.Coming
31: Konono No. 1 Congotronics
30: Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better
29: Serena Maneesh Serena Maneesh
28: Sunn O))) Black One
27: Jamie Lidell Multiply
26: The Decemberists Picaresque
25: Alan Braxe & Friends The Upper Cuts
24: The Mountain Goats The Sunset Tree
23: Ladytron The Witching Hour
22: Broadcast Tender Buttons
21: Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Matt Sweeney Superwolf
20: The Hold Steady Separation Sunday
19: Sleater-Kinney The Woods
18: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
17: The Clientele Strange Geometry
16: Love Is All Nine Times That Same Song
15: Clipse We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 2
14: Vitalic OK Cowboy
13: Run the Road
12: New Pornographers Twin Cinema
11: Isolée We Are Monster
10: Wolf Parade Apologies to the Queen Mary
09: Cam'ron Purple Haze
08: LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem
07: Animal Collective Feels
06: Deerhoof The Runners Four
05: Antony & the Johnsons I Am a Bird Now
04: M.I.A. Arular
03: Art Brut Bang Bang Rock & Roll
02: Kanye West Late Registration
01: Sufjan Stevens Illinois


  • esquith01

    Shit list.

    27 Dic 2005, 18:45
  • magnumforce2006

    [b]No Bright Eyes[/b] Awesome list. (not to mention Sufjan at the top)

    27 Dic 2005, 18:47
  • mtyn

    27 Dic 2005, 19:18
  • jaendoe

    Well, I kind of like the list... I'm a bit disappointed to see some of the albums up, that are up... AND no Bright Eyes... But other than that, I would agree with lots of those that were mentioned.

    27 Dic 2005, 20:14
  • JakeRadical

    it's pretty okay. i'm not sure i would've given illinoise the number 1 spot but most of those belong where they are. and yeah i'm going to have to agree that it would be a much more accurate list if there were some bright eyes.

    27 Dic 2005, 20:19
  • Schika

    Kreucht & Fleucht is a Various Artist album, which is DJ-Mixed by Dominik Eulberg. It would be completly wrong if this album would appear as one of his productions.

    27 Dic 2005, 21:52
  • Keresplat

    Honestly, super honestly, I think Pitchfork Media should stick to what they know. They started as an outlet for indie musicians, underground music, and little known record labels. Most of the people who go to that site to get reviews do not (I repeat: do not) care about R. Kelly or Young Jeezy or any of that nonsese. Sure, it's viable music. Sure, people like it. But, judging Sufjan Stevens by the same standards as Ciara is ludicrous and almost unthinkable. Before I can take their lists seriously, I would like them to come up with an understandable system. Right now, nothing is stopping Raffi, KRS-One, Eminem and Tiny Tim from making the list.

    28 Dic 2005, 0:17
  • SaturdayNight

    Who cares about Bright eyes? I think this list is pretty shit anyway.

    28 Dic 2005, 1:27
  • socialist_wolf

    It's always sort of bizarre how Pitchfork's year-end lists end up barely reflecting their opinions throughout the year; I mean, sure, records can grow on you as the year progresses, but in their case it always seems kind of extreme. It seems like it's partially because the indivdual writers try too hard to seem well-rounded and all end up listing the same 10-15 mainstream hip-hop and dance albums. Still, I think their top 20 is pretty solid (although I personally wouldn't have given Sufjan and Kanye the 1st and 2nd spots, and really, <i>I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning</i> should have been in the top 15 or so) and I was extremely happy to see Art Brut, Deerhoof, Animal Collective and Isolée place so highly. I'm still glad Pitchfork is around. I've heard of hundreds of great records solely from reading through their articles and reviews, and they always provide a fairly adequate portrayal of the music world with about as little pretentiousness as you're going to find in an independent music magazine. And, no matter what complaints you might have about their picks for 2005, this selection is still about a hundred times better than Rolling Stone's year-end list. I'd like to add that I thought this was a fantastic year for music, and we should all be elated for the steady influx of great albums, especially from newer artists.

    28 Dic 2005, 4:13
  • moonlitkitty

    about as little pretentiousness as you're going to find in an independent music magazine. haha, surely at times they set the upper limits for indie pretentiousness. There are definitely some decent reviews there sometimes, but I find it hard to bother with them because I have to dodge the ones that are so verbose and indulgent they zap my enthusiasm for music. Stylus is not perfect either, but on the pretentious scale, I'd say they rate way lower. The one thing I hate about the indie press and why I avoid it is that they ignore most of the amazing quality indie or little-known pop but laud a lot of dull mainstream pop. The stuff I like seems to fall off their radar.

    28 Dic 2005, 6:20
  • socialist_wolf

    For me, Stylus is so goddamned pretentious and indulgent I can barely read it most of the time, whereas Pitchfork's reviews tend to get me really psyched about the album and make me want to hear it even more (thereby increasing my enthusiasm for the music.) I guess it's all in your personal perception, though.

    28 Dic 2005, 6:33
  • moonlitkitty

    I guess it also depends on which particular articles you happen to read. I don't read all the content on either, so maybe I've just happened to pick the least irritating Stylus reviews and the most irritating Pitchfork ones. Most of the Stylus ones I've read have had a bit more of a sense of playfulness and humour, and more of a plainness of language. Many of the Pitchfork ones I've read have lacked this, and have been extremely convoluted, like the famously bizarre Radiohead review. But one of my fave reviews was on pitchfork - one on Saint Etienne that perfectly pinned the way quality pop that should be huge seems to fall through the cracks. And then on Stylus, the analytical type articles are very dull. I don't love either, but I honestly find it surprising you find Stylus more pretentious, as I've found most people that have a problem with them have an even bigger problem with Pitchfork.

    28 Dic 2005, 7:14
  • NFord17

    Anyone who thinks Bright Eyes should be anywhere in the top 1000 albums that came out this year has invalidated their own worth.

    28 Dic 2005, 8:10
  • Ignatio

    look at me guys I'm too cool to like bright eyes because they're the love-to-hate band of the month at indietorrents anyways, the list isn't outstandingly good or poor in my eyes, it's just what you should expect from Pitchfork. A bunch of the hip hop stuff that it's apparently in to like now, and a bunch of stuff they hyped up earlier this year that's not bad, for the most part. I'm sounding more anti-pitchfork than I'm going for here; in reality I agree with what socialist wolf said fairly closely. I prefer cokemachineglow or tinymixtapes' lists myself, but it's down to personal tastes more than anything.

    28 Dic 2005, 8:46
  • moonlitkitty

    I prefer cokemachineglow or tinymixtapes' lists myself Yeah the Pitchfork list is reasonable, but these are much more interesting. Quite a lot in there I've yet to discover, which is what I like to see. Plus the reviews are written in an inspiring way. Nice to see inclusions outside of all the ones we've heard about over and over this year (some of them feel so overexposed, it's hard to believe they were only released this year). Of course though, it's fair enough for the big guns like Pitchfork to stick closely to a predictable top 50... you wouldn't want them to be obscure for the sake of it. But with Pitchfork & Stylus, there can be an annoying tone of what's 'important' overshadowing an expression of genuine love of music, which cmg and tmt both get across nicely. Thanks FofR for doing the tag, I forgot to say!

    28 Dic 2005, 10:40
  • FofR

    No problem. I kind of knew this would turn into a pitchfork bitchfest.

    28 Dic 2005, 15:10
  • pumpkins_rule

    Where's Architecture in Helsinki? If I remember correctty, they scored it like an 8.9, much higher then Spoon's album. And why is The Game on there?

    29 Dic 2005, 2:20
  • sing-sing

    ... and: Architecture In Helsinki - In Case We Die Kent - Du & Jag Doden 65daysofstatic - One Time for All Time The Coral - The Invisible Invasion Air Formation - 57 Octaves Below (EP) Sigur Ros - Takk Malory - the Third Face Airiel - Airiel (EP) The Chalets - Check In Xiu Xiu – La Foret Athlete - Tourist Lali Puna - I Thought I Was Over That (b-side...) American Analog Set - Set Free

    30 Dic 2005, 1:13
  • Ignatio

    AIH, Takk- yeah. But the rest don't really deserve to be on there more than anything else, I don't think. Did anyone actually like the new amanset album that much? I sure didn't, and nobody I know does, and I'm a pretty big fan.

    30 Dic 2005, 3:41
  • therapturerocks

    Frankly I'm surprised there's been such an anti hip-hop reaction to PF. Granted, I'm way more into indie hip-hop on the whole than mainstream stuff, but if you listen to Camron's record it's pretty solid.

    31 Dic 2005, 22:20
  • NFord17

    It's solid, sure, but Pitchfork is not a fucking hip-hop review site. Especially mainstream hip-hop. Leave it to some other magazine and stick to what they're good at, namely, indie rock, indie pop, and basic electronica.

    2 Ene 2006, 11:15
  • NFord17

    One more thing, as for the fella who called Bright Eyes the love to hate band of the month on indietorrents needs to grow up and realise when he's listening to bad music.

    2 Ene 2006, 11:16
  • therapturerocks

    To NFord; no one has come out and given a mission statement to Pitchfork. They have a FOCUS on indie rock, but their job is to inform people of music in general, especially that which falls through the cracks (even saying that is an assumption). Yeah, Young Jeezy broke the mainstream, but I don't remember any Cam'Ron songs on the radio or VH1. I wouldn't diss hip-hop and assume that other people don't care about it; it comes off as closed-minded.

    3 Ene 2006, 16:23
  • NFord17

    ^ It may come off as close-minded, but in my opinion I'm just stating what's best for PFM in the long run. I personally am fine with them reviewing the odd undie hip-hop album, but when Kanye breaks the top ten with a shitty as hell follow up, it's infuriating. PFM used to be a place to go for reviews that the average hipster could agree with and they would often uncover the odd gem here and there, but with this newfound focus on broadening their horizons, they've lost touch with their base and I, for one, am severely disappointed with their new direction.

    14 Ene 2006, 9:48
  • PowPowNowNow

    Not bad, but could of done better. Anyone seen cokemachineglow's list? Decent list, but Wolf Parade at #1 is pretty stupid.

    26 Ene 2006, 2:07
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