• A Celebration of Lindsay Cooper

    23 Nov 2014, 10:38

    Sat 22 Nov – Henry Cow, Music For Films, News From Babel and Oh Moscow play the music of Lindsay CooperHenry CowNews From BabelMusic for FilmsOh Moscow
    Sorry this is brief but a wonderful evening was had in a packed LBT in Huddersfield. First up were Henry Cow (augmented by Alfred Harth and Michel Berckmans (from Univers Zero)) who ran through Lindsay's contribution to 'Western Culture'. Frith held the attention as he conducted the rest through the labyrinthine arrangements. Great soaring guitar from Frith. Suddenly, Dagmar was on stage for the News From Babel segment. I felt that things really started to get going here. John Greaves substituted some of the Wyatt parts from the albums. Perhaps Dagmar's performance on 'Late Evening' was the highlight. For the final half, Sally Potter and Phil Minton appeared on stage to take us through a selection of 'Music For Films' which ended with a stunning 'As She Breathes'. The final section was taken from 'Oh Moscow' and again, it was great to hear this material live. The crowd went wild and the ensemble returned for an encore. For this they chose 'Anno Mirablis' from the first News from Babel album, which proved to be a fitting climax to the proceedings. We will never see such a performance again, and I am delighted to see Henry Cow on the same stage again, some 37 years later!

    Set list - Henry Cow (Half the Sky, Gretel's Tale, Look Back, Falling Away, Slice
    News from Babel (Moss, Black Gold, Dragon at the core, Waited/Justice, Late Evening, Victory)
    Music for Films (Women's Wrongs, Lots of Larks, General Strike, Iceland, Empire Song, Plate Dance, As She Breathes)
    Oh Moscow - (England Descending, On German Soil, Lovers, Oh Moscow, Forgotten Fruit)

    Encore - Anno Mirabillis (News from Babel)
  • Henry Cow reunion

    15 Jul 2014, 9:17

    Henry Cow to reform at last for a couple of one-off shows as a tribute to the late Lindsay Cooper. If that is not enough, News From Babel will perform live for the first time. A specially commissioned band will also perform music from Lindsay Cooper's post-Henry Cow work.

    I was lucky enough to see Henry Cow live twice in 1977, in the February and then in the October. By the October, ill health had forced Dagmar to stop touring (I recall Lindsay Cooper also suffering with a cold that night!) I didn't realise it at the time, and of course, the band did not announce it, but Virgin had just released them from their contract. I was in my mid-teens at the time and those gigs were special memories for me. They opened the second half of the February show with 'Beautiful as the moon...' and the front rows were rocking (I know, hard to believe!)

    Now that the Cow are having a brief reunion, I wonder if anybody was lucky enough, like me, to have seen them the first time around?
  • Steely Dan tribute

    3 Dic 2012, 10:02

    Sat 1 Dec – Nearly Dan Very pleasantly surprised to see a trib. band tackle Steely Dan's formidable repertoire. To do so, this 10-piece pull it off admirably. My only gripe was the lack of sitar/'plastic organ' on 'Do It Again' but you can't have everything. Initially, it was slightly disorientating to see the lead vocals handled by a guitarist - my eyes were constantly drawn to the keyboard player, expecting a Fagen! Anyway, a great night and highly recommended to all Dan fans who are unlikely to see the real thing.
  • The Box Set/Henry Cow live

    14 Sep 2009, 14:02

    When I bought the wonderful 40th anniversary box setHenry Cow 40th anniversary, it brought back vivid memories of the two occasions I was lucky enough to see Henry Cow live. Both gigs were in 1977, and in Nottingham. The first was in the February at the Victoria Leisure Centre. Not really a regular concert venue - more used to hosting beer festivals. The second was late October at the University. By then, Dagmar had left but the band was still in cracking form. Just wondering if any others were lucky enough to see this great band live?