1 Mar 2006, 22:16

It's about time that we gave this nameless genre a name. Who's with me? Let's at least brainstorm.

A List of Suggested Names I've Seen:
Cons: Already a recognized genre.

Cons: Already a recognized genre (Eyehategod, etc).

Cons: I don't know, I think like Nortt and shit when I read Dirgecore. I've seen this tossed around for various bands, everything from Neurosis to Paint it Black. Oddly, seems to be used more in relation to hardcore than anything of this nature.

Cons: Maybe an okay description for some of the bands, really doesn't tell the whole story. Kind of close to drone metal/drone doom too (which is also a genre tag that should be reevaluated).

Cons: While it's probably the best one I've seen yet, can't we be a little more creative? So many things could fit in here, it's rather vague, you know? It would run into the same problems of post-hardcore, post-punk, etc.

So, let's start bouncing ideas off each other.

Isis, Cult of Luna, Old Man Gloom, Rosetta, Back When, Callisto, Comity, Gantz, Amen Ra, Impure Wilhelmina, Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon, Mouth of the Architect, Overmars, Transmission0, Unfold, Vancouver, The Other Side of the Sky, Snowblood, Cardinale, etc.


  • catachresistant

    [quote](a variant of sadcore)[/quote]To be completely annoying and anal (apologies in advance), slowcore is a superset of sadcore. Yeah, I feel like a douche now. I agree that this genre needs a name, and I agree that post-metal shouldn't be it. Sadly, I have no ideas myself. Sorry. :(

    3 Mar 2006, 6:48
  • AtacamaRain

    i dont see how it really needs it's own genre really, i mean isis and CuL have always been sludge, and all these others are too, i just say modern sludge when i refer to them as to differenitate from the old classic stuff. i mean since its Post-rock meets post-hardcore(in some cases) meets sludge, you could just call it post-sludge if you just HAD to make some new genre to sleep well at night. in my opinion labeling this wave of new bands is just a pointless as genres like mathcore or something like that.

    10 Mar 2006, 23:50
  • Flah

    Well, you probably don't see the need because you don't write about music. Genres are dumb, I really do believe that, but they do serve a purpose. If you say mathcore, I know immediately what you're talking about. If you say, Well, this band mixes core elements with a math influenced song writing flare, that could be anything from Meshuggah to Drive Like Jehu. Genres are dumb because you're trying to make a subjective thing like music objective, but it does provide a great description. I mean, this probably isn't that big of a deal to anyone that doesn't write about music, but to all of us that do, it's getting annoying because we don't have a set name. Can you imagine a music world without the term jazz? Even in metal, could you imagine a world without thrash? Grindcore? What the hell would we call this stuff? Probably a clumsy title of combined words that don't really tell the whole story. Improvised post-rag. Atmospheric sludge metal. Ugh.

    11 Mar 2006, 20:01
  • Flah

    I think I just added them to get people to drop by and throw some ideas on the table, haha. It looks like we're going to go the post route. Shame because I think we could've had something a bit more fun.

    12 Mar 2006, 5:36
  • AtacamaRain

    ok, now i do see your point from a journalist's perspective, (seeing as how i tend to get more out of a review if the reviewer uses terms like mathcore (even if in parenthesis, or in a satirical/sarcastic tone) i still know what thier talking about. that said, i think Post-Sludge works pretty good :P or you could call it Isis-influences-uscore >__> also, gantz is pretty sludgey but....c'mon its screamo, damn good though.

    15 Mar 2006, 6:41
  • Flah

    Haha, yeah, I won't deny that Gantz is screamo. Just trying to get some folks here to throw ideas around.

    15 Mar 2006, 8:17
  • catachresistant

    I remember when I downloaded Cave-In's Jupiter when it first cale out, it was genre-tagged Hydrahead Metal.

    15 Mar 2006, 20:53
  • catachresistant

    I just stumbled on the . Yeah, pretentious and annoying as hell, but no worse than post-metal, right?

    2 Abr 2006, 14:57
  • bootzy

    I don't really understand what's so bad about the name post-metal. Post-rock does just fine as a genre so if its heavier then I don't see why not calling it post-metal.

    12 Abr 2006, 2:02
  • Flah

    Post-rock doesn't work though. It's too broad and that's where it fails. Everything is just so boring now. It's either add post as a prefix or core as a suffix. We can do better than that, right?

    12 Abr 2006, 4:05
  • bottlerack

    Let's just go for post-core and be done with it.

    24 Abr 2006, 14:25
  • bottlerack

    On a more serious note, all this post- and -core stuff does seem to support the idea that there aren't too many new musical ideas out there, and that everything 'new' is just a hybrid. Maybe this was always the case and has simply become more obvious, but older genre names like 'punk', 'hardcore' and indeed 'heavy metal' didn't seem so concerned with linking the music to existing genres. It seems to have happened since the 1980s, when, I suppose, the postmodern concept of hybridity become common currency in most artistic fields. I don't mind 'artcore'. It is pretentious but I think most of these bands are quite self-consciously arty.

    24 Abr 2006, 15:04
  • piqquam

    Hey, I've been actually thinking this too. I think sludge is between metal and hardcore, but there isn't anything between metal and post-rock, and that's where most of those bands fall. (At least those that I recognize.) But ? I've never even heard that one before. I sometimes used incorrectly and I've seen others using it too. Later I found out it has a totally different meaning.

    3 May 2006, 13:05
  • piqquam


    3 May 2006, 13:09
  • bottlerack

    'Post-rock' was originally intended to imply that 'rock' itself was finished. A 'post-rock' band shouldn't be a rock band at all. I don't think any of the bands labelled 'Post-metal' would want to imply that metal was finished, and most of them are clearly metal bands of some sort. The more I think about 'post-core' the better it sounds. Like, after movements and labels.

    3 May 2006, 16:14
  • bottlerack

    By the way, the discussion about genres being a necessary evil was cool. I wouldn't mind continuing that one.

    3 May 2006, 16:16
  • Flah

    Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this guys. I'd much rather go for post-core than post-metal. I might make a group dedicated to this and we can all chat about it there.

    3 May 2006, 18:50
  • piqquam

    Yes, you're right about the post-rock thing, bottlerack. But still I usually think of post-rock as subgenre of rock, even though it actually is a lot of things but rock. I think that using genres as a label, as a description of some type of music is really handy (just like Flah said there on his first comment). But everyone hears music differently caused by their earlier listening experience and experiece of that particular genre. That's why I don't think there is any need to argue about where some particular band belongs to. That serves no purpose, even though the genres itself do. And I mean that GREENDAY ISNOT PUNK YOU TWAT!!1 kind of arguing. Those people need to grow up.

    3 May 2006, 19:18
  • Raido

    the wikipedia writes that post-metal should be post-rock meets metal, but the description of the most 'post-genres' (post-rock, post-hardcore, post-punk) like 'characterized by nontraditional use of rock instruments and high musical density.'.. Imho post-metal can exist but is not 'post-rock meets metal' maybe metallized post-rock :P post-core couldn't exist because there is no 'core' genre. :) but the most bands you mentioned are called 'sludge (metal)' so be it ;) How about atmospheric metal, avant-garde metal or doometalcore :P

    8 Jun 2006, 6:24
  • piqquam

    I'm not calling those bands sludge because sludge is metal/hardcore and those bands are metal/post-rock or hardcore/post-rock. I agree with the word post though. Post-metal should be music using metal instruments without playing metal and that's not completely right, if it even makes sense. But hell, I'm using post-metal still.

    8 Jun 2006, 8:41
  • sludge_factory

    how about we call it 'neurosis-worship' ?

    21 Jun 2006, 4:52
  • maledei

    well, i'm with post-metal. but honestly i don't really care that much. anyway, it's a great compilation you've made here. I don't know most of the bands from your list. hopefully soulseek will provide some. [p.s.: you could add Tephra to the list (, and perhaps The Ocean ( too.]

    25 Jul 2006, 18:58
  • seegoon

    decibel magazine coined a fairly apt label with metalgaze, a term obviously derived from shoegaze.

    11 Dic 2006, 17:23
  • piqquam

    I wouldn't call any of those bands post-hardcore.

    27 Dic 2006, 16:05
  • excellentsword

    i haven't even bothered to read the above posts. don't need to. post-metal is metal, so why stick a post on the front?

    6 Dic 2007, 17:19
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