• The Soundtrack Of My Life

    3 Jul 2010, 10:30

    I ruthlessly plagiarize my friend's idea to list the soundtrack of my (rather short) life. I try to list few 'milestone' songs and artists from the beginning of my life to this day, which are somehow been meaningful to me along the road. I try to be as chronologiсal as I can and remember:

    Britney Spears - Oops! I did it Again This was probably the first album I ever had. Quite embarrassing tho, I think I was a bit girlboy back then. Or something. Horrible, I even remember myself lying in bed and crying while listening to this.

    System of a Down - Prisong Song - This was the first piece of actual music I liked. My big brother used to listen to SOAD all the time, so I was exposed for serious brainwash. Though, I think I really liked them. If I remember right, Toxicity was also the first actual album I listened thorough with thought, and respected the skills of the musicians. I've started to respect the lyrics later also.

    Weezer - Maladroit - This was also my big brother's fault. This opened my mind for some lighter music also, even though I was quite a metalhead back then. Weezer was something like my dirty little secret (no, I didn't listen to Britney anymore, so Weezer kinda took her place lol). I got into their [album artist=Weezer]Pinkerton /album] album many years later,which is a shame, because it's way better than Maladroit.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - around the world - This song, and the whole [album artist=Red Hot Chili Peppers]Californication[/album] album changed me a lot. I got very inspired of Flea, and I started to play bass. We also started to play together with my younger brother, which has very big meaning later in my life. Even still, I considered myself as a metalhead.

    Korn - Here to Stay - I used to listen to Korn when I was like 10-12, but it truly hit me in the 7th/8th grade, in my worst teenage angst years. Some of their songs, including this, were like anthems of invidualism and lifestyle to me. Not really proud of it nowadays, but it's part of me. I also admired Jonathan Davis as a god, and Fieldy as a godly bassist. Fool me.

    Tool- Vicarious - This changed my world, so to say. It's better for all just not to put my thoughts in too exact words. I'll just say,that EVERYTHING in this band, changed my attitude to EVERYTHING, including making music, playing bass, living in the world around us. I don't know was it a good thing, but it was for me. I was no more so angsty, I started to see some hope in all this, because of the Maynard's lyrics.

    Drudkh - Forests in Fire and Cold - I found this band somewhere in 8th/9th grade. In those days, I found lot of new people from internet, from musician-based sites mostly. They introduced me a whole new world of music. I had never heard anything like this before, only Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, which had their moments, but they really didn't struck me like Drudkh did.
    I started to listen more lo-fi black metal, like Burzum and Paysage d'Hiver.

    Psyclon Nine - INRI - this was another musical shock. I heard about this band also from my new musician friends. This just blew me off. It was something so abnormal. I thought I could never like any electronic music, but this combined it with my favourite genre, black metal, and it was awesome. After this I ofc moved to Tamtrum, and Dawn of Ashes and all the other bands.

    Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Apocalypse Kisses, Commemorating my Summer Solstice - Another "what the fuck is this" reaction. Again, I find myself amazed how unmusical music there can be. Or how i should put it.. I just couldn't imagine that music like this could exist. It was hypnotic, it was different, it was radical, it was like everything black metal stands for, but in beautiful form. And to me, even more provocative.
    After this I listened to neofolk only almost for a year. Spiritual Front, Sol Invictus, Drudkh's folk albums,Rome, Tenhi, all kind of folk.

    It changes a bit hard, as we come to this day. Here's few bands from the last year and half or so:

    Placebo - Every You Every Me - I bought two of their albums as just somekind of impulse buy, and I'm pretty fucking happy about it. Molko inspired me to start singing, and the whole band helped me to understand that all the mainstreamish pop ain't shit.

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Song of Joy - I listened to this song, and the whole Murder Ballads alot when I started the High School. Nick's style to sing and compose was something so fresh and different from the others.

    Crystal Castles - Celestica - I found this band pretty short time ago, like few months. I really fell in love with them. Their hypnotic sound struck to me, and they just have something special in their music. Some kind of load of energy, which is not achieved by other bands alike them. Well, atleast I feel so. I saw them live this summer, and it was really one of the greatest live experiences for me.

    Xiu Xiu -Dear God, I Hate Myself - this is my latest discover. Fresh, different, and highly experimental feel in pretty uplifted pop was just stunning idea. I'm still amazed how they can mix just everything up, and still sound so... intented. Like everything they do, simultaneously sounds just pile of random shit, and the most intended and considered musical compositions in the world. I just can't understand it. I've found myself laughing to their music just because I'm so fascinated about it.

    WHOA, this really was a wall of text. It seems I like to talk about myself a lot.

  • Distorted In Eclipse - He hath cast me into the mire, and I am become like dust…

    12 Ene 2010, 16:43

    Distorted in Eclipse - He hath cast me into the mire, and I am become like dust and ashes...

    The Asylum Song

    I found myself floating slightly
    through calming blue water
    I can't believe it has so bright colors
    So hard to understand the beautiness of it

    I slowly fall in the feeling of bliss
    blue, blue, blue! It wipes away my grey, numb mind
    now my life is just blue, like the paintshreds on that
    collapsed asylum near my home
    Home... One grey spot appears in my blue world
    With no mercy, it starts asphyxiating my paradise
    My, very own blue world... How dare you!

    The grey fills the last flash of blue.

    After my eyes got used to new world of colors
    I found myself lying on floor of the asylum, on my knees
    along the shards of bricks and my bashed dreams
    The asylum gets a new sad song to sing

    It blinks in my corner of the eye. I raise my grey stare.
    Oh thank.. What we used to thank? Nevermind,
    the bliss was true, I start to float in the water again.

    Bangs of my head hitting the blue spot on the wall echoes
    the asylum starts to sing it's latest song.

    Faith Collapsed

    As I walk through the memories of mankind
    Sometimes I get encouraged myself enough
    to look to the sky

    I remember that I've read something about it
    something about omnipotent creature... God?
    Hard to remember, my mind is like this dead city centre
    Everything dies here, memories usually first

    For a moment, the God brushes my mental ruins
    Goodness? Salvation? Never heard of those.
    The sky is restless today.

    The Praise And Curse Of Fathers

    I sing along the bitter tears, ash in my lungs
    Why did they die, but left me alone
    to suffer for their mistakes
    For their subconscious selfdestruction
    I praise and curse the sins of my kind, 'till
    fallen sun with red aura dry my stare
    so I shut my eyes, and hope
    someday morning forgets to come
    Vade Retro Lucifer!
    The Bringer of Light should have
    better things to do.

    God Is Dead

    Another day in Paradise
    Another time in vain
    Hopeless people looking for stable shape and change
    Asking for answers before they die
    Asking forgivness for what they've done
    Another time in vain, Nietzsche was right.

    Damn, I waisted my futile time for
    another meaningless flood of empathy
    Let the maggots seek the light
    Some of us just want to watch
    the world burn

    I wish God would be alive to see this..

    The Sweet Oblivion & The Deceit Of Hope

    Windy day on the roof
    of one abandoned building
    Wind carries my sight far away, but as well
    I could just watch the street below
    or take a look in my head
    I feel a warm connection, my soul sends a lightspark
    soulmates forever, my ghost along her ghosts
    forever alone, we have eternity to
    fill our oblivion with fresh memories

    But my corrupted soul shrinks back
    Before this treacherous flash of hope
    it has been so long numb, growing it's
    roots in my sweet oblivion..
    My sweet oblivion! I would never betray you
    The roots starts to strangle the intruder
    Poor, treacherous lightspark..