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  • Re-create

    You'll enjoy his solo stuff if you like his vocals and lyrics. Definitely some very good songs on the new album and his first album is still great. // I havent heard Andy's solo stuff in a while, but I'm going to attempt to listen to all of it soon.

    26 Abr 22:15 Responder
  • Derek-H

    Yeah, that debut hooked me hard from the first listen. I still enjoy it regularly and make an effort to not burn myself out on it. It may be the honeymoon-phase talking, but I think Painted Shut may be just a bit more well rounded. Or rather, its weaker songs still manage to shine a lot brighter than any blemishes that Get Disowned may have. Both are remarkably consistent, though. // I could see that. We're getting some warm weather over here, too. On the subject of feel-good Sargent House jams that are appropriate for Spring, the new And So I Watch You From Afar is just a week out. I'm surprised it hasn't leaked yet.

    26 Abr 5:06 Responder
  • Derek-H

    How'd you fancy that new Hop Along? // That Abyss trailer is great. I think she raised the bar with Pain Is Beauty and is on a nice streak. Makes me very curious to see where she goes with the next album. I'm expecting great things, really. // I hadn't checked out Blis. prior to your link. The guitar tone is appropriately mathy for Sargent House. The vocals are pretty interesting as well – sounds like it may be a very upbeat "summer" record. Which is just about perfect timing, over here.

    24 Abr 10:06 Responder
  • Re-create

    He played Words in the Water, Come all You Weary, and A Song for Milly Michaelson. I picked up the new record at the show. Listened a little. Kinda sounds like Mumford n Sons. Going to give it a full listen soon. The songs live were pretty Cool. Did you enjoy it? Was never big on MO but I really love Andy now. He was so good. Id go see him again in a heartbeat.

    23 Abr 23:17 Responder
  • Re-create

    I managed to get the RTJ for a not too ridiculous price on the net so it all worked out. I saw Dustin play a few Thrice songs last night and that it was pretty cool. Surprisingly I liked Andy Hull's set a hell of a lot even tho I barely listen to any Manchester Orchestra.

    23 Abr 13:46 Responder
  • Derek-H

    How about that new Wolfe hype?

    23 Abr 7:43 Responder
  • Re-create

    Run the Jewels was sold out! Same with the ETID 7". I did get the Mastodon pic disc and the Swans 12" though. Also on Friday I was able to get 3 Stephen Brodsky albums that I believe are all out of print now. Very excited about those.

    20 Abr 0:07 Responder
  • Re-create

    I actually just bought the vinyl online. Looking forward to hearing it.

    19 Abr 0:59 Responder
  • Derek-H

    I've only listened to A Turn Of Breath so far, but I really enjoy it. At times it feels like a slightly more ambient, glitched version of Sigur Rós. Beautiful stuff.

    3 Abr 10:39 Responder
  • Derek-H

    Very nice. I'm slowly starting to get the design itch again. It really has to hit me all at once before I get any solid ideas worth exploring. The trouble I have isn't the design process, but rather maintaining everything to keep it fresh and updated. // New Kendrick is... different. Not as immediately gratifying as GKMC, in my books. It'll take some time for me to fully digest. What're your thoughts on it thus far?

    16 Mar 22:55 Responder
  • Derek-H

    Digging the new profile photos. So colorful.

    15 Mar 19:10 Responder
  • Derek-H

    Thank you. I'm thinking this year will allow me to wrap up the remainder of basic units I've been postponing; not sure where I'll be going from there. The current gig was departed from the overnight routine, and I've been back with the land of the living for quite a bit now. It's been good. // Thank you for the drop. Will be adding that to my library shortly, I think.

    23 Ene 11:09 Responder
  • Re-create

    Lol its all good. Probably about 1000 sq ft

    22 Ene 2:41 Responder
  • Re-create

    She's mid sized. I think she was 70 lbs when we took her to the vet. The player I have will work just fine for a good while. I'll eventually save up money to throw at it.

    21 Ene 22:20 Responder
  • Re-create

    Yeah its been about 6 months and it's really cool to see it transform (dogs name is starla). // Probably a better audio technica since I like mine currently, it just is kinda basic // Perturbator actually had some songs in miami hotline! Yeah. It's definitely gaming or driving music, or super late night.

    21 Ene 0:49 Responder
  • Derek-H

    Why thank you. I'd opt to call it infinitely lazier than strategically minimal, but I'll take it. In all seriousness, I just haven't spent a lot of time in the design field lately. I want to do something fresh for the new year, but I've got very little on the drawing board thus far. // Nice. I'll gkadky check that out. On my phone at the moment – did you possibly Dropbox it by any chance?

    19 Ene 8:25 Responder
  • Re-create

    The house is slowly feeling more and more like home. I never actually bought a project like I intended. Now I have my eyes on a different table, but time will tell. I'll add those to my list of things to check out!

    18 Ene 21:30 Responder
  • Re-create

    Nice man I will have to check a lot of those albums out. I'm glad you're liking your new living situation. There really wouldn't be a whole lot that ruled this year that you haven't already checked out. Maybe Dangerous Days by Perturbator. That shit was 10/10.

    18 Ene 2:15 Responder
  • Re-create

    Felix :D how's it going? I'm finally back on Tumblr and just started following you. What was your favorite stuff from last year?

    16 Ene 12:11 Responder
  • forlente

    Felix Kulpa, you're my hero

    12 Ene 11:08 Responder
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