• Gushing over Macca

    16 Mar 2009, 14:30

    Maybe I'm Amazed by My Love for Sir Paul.

    Sir Macca- My all time favorite artist. He can do it all- play almost any instrument (he learned mandolin in a week), sing like an angel and he's written some of the most incredible songs in the history of music.

    Such a huge talent. Even at 66 I find his charm and beauty hard to resist. When I first saw him in concert, he was in his late 40's and I swear, I've never seen anyone more beautiful than this man. In my opinion he is a musical genius.

    I guess he is my perfect man. He's so cultured and refined. He loves poetry and art, and he even paints. He's a renaissance man and it's so incredible because he came from a middle class family in Liverpool. I've seen a clip on youtube where he had to stop the interviewer because he didn't understand a "big word" the guy was using. He made a joke of it, but it was embarassing, poor Paul.

    But he's grown so much, learned so much. Just in the pop world alone- the albums and music he's created is incredible. But then on top of that you add the Classical pieces--- stunning. I love the fact that he's gotten into art, and even wrote his own movie script. He wanted to do it all.

    He's done every genre of music there is and everything is so smooth and so effortless. Guy's a freakin genius. I'm definitely amazed when I think about it.
  • Squeeze album "Frank"

    10 Feb 2009, 13:52

    This album brings me back to when I had graduated from college and was working at temp agencies. At that time there was plenty of work. I was still living at home and I would take the bus downtown and I would have my cassette player. I probably bought Frank from Peaches, a record store that doesn't exist anymore. :( I discovered a lot of good music at Peaches, and I miss it. I will never forget how I felt when one day I walked into Peaches and all the vinyl albums were gone-- replaced by these little bitty round things called CD's. :)

    Anyway I would walk to work listening to "If it's Love" and "Rose I Said"- fantastic songs! They would just transport me into another world! My favorite thing to do would be to walk the streets downtown listening to this stuff and just LOVING it!!!

    Man I have to get this album on CD- just heard "Can of Worms" these songs are so incredible! Glenn Tillbrook's voice is so plaintive and yearning and just gorgeous! Frank is definitely one of my favorite Squeeze albums.